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    How do you deal with a practical person ?

    Some people are very practical and they want everything be done in a most acceptable way and would not compromise even on minute details. There are some masons while constructing would not compromise on the quality of the cement, because the design he wants to bring on the elevation of the building would suffer and cannot be complete. And even at office some people have fixed timings during which we are supposed to meet and they would not allow us to discuss anything other than the subject. How do you deal with such persons.?
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    Some people have some principles in their lives and follow it religiously. Admittedly,, they are well disciplined and expect others also to follow the same. Some find it difficult to follow their principle. Those who don't have any kind of organisation skills and lethargic fall into this category and do not like people who are well organised. However,I feel as being practical is a good habit, others should learn from them instead of opposing those people.

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    Normally we do not like those who are very particular about their work and would not care others.
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    If someone was involved in immoral activities, many people avoid them, only 20 years ago. Even the one who did wrong or crime, he himself avoided others in most cases. On the other hand, notable people, teachers or elderly people would advise them to be good. Older people, teachers, public representatives, and law officials were all respected. But we are now constantly seeing examples of social degradation. Respect has a strong relationship with policy and the social situation with the policy. The weaker this relationship, the faster the moral decay. Nowadays it is difficult to find a place where there is no deviation. But there are some people in society who follow the principles of truth. And because of their contribution, society is still alive today. They expect proper behavior from everyone in society. So it is normal to treat such people as real people and deal accordingly for the sake of mankind.
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    Task oriented persons are every where but we would not like to have their association since they are the hard task masters.They don't allow us to go beyond the main task assigned to us. In other way, they are the perfect guide to get done any task perfectly. If someone is a civil engineer, he would examine every step to ensure the compliance of the entire process such as mixing of sands with cement in the assigned proportion and so forth. The ultimate product would be marvellous.They are disciplined and would not like to have any deviation in respect responsibilities. They are the great people and it would be pleasure to work with them.

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    Some people are very practical in the sense that they want to do everything properly in the best possible manner and for that they take extra pains by adhering to the timelines scheduled for various activities. These people in general are very disciplined and are focused in their work.
    When we have an opportunity of working with such people than it is natural that we will have to come up to their expectations otherwise we will not be in a position to go along with them in their work. There is only one way to cope up with such people and that is to keep control on our bad working habits and bring discipline, concentration, and focus in our working. Once we attain that then these people would be impressed with our working and we would be at par with one another.

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    In fact, that is a good trait and we should encourage such people. We have a carpenter who is regular to us and he did all interiors and furniture in our house. He never allows his people to compromise on quality. He always says that when they are taking money for their work, the work should be perfect. He says if the work is not done perfectly, he may lose his reputation and may not have demand in the market. Unless otherwise, he is satisfied he will not leave the work. Such people should be encouraged.
    I have seen many people in the offices, wasting their time in gossip with other people. The work they have undertaken will be completed quickly and start disturbing others. Such people should not be encouraged. I have the habit of discussing only the concerned subject with the concerned person. I never talk about general issues while on work with others and the focus will be on the work only always.

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    Practical persons lead a life based on practical experiences and situations and not on some imaginative ideas. They are very realistic and do not remain worried about unnecessary issues. The persons mentioned in the thread can be termed well-disciplined and professional. When you are disciplined you must have your own rules and implement them strictly in every aspect of life. The only way to perfectly deal with such persons is to bring discipline into your life. Otherwise, it may not be possible to match your work schedule with that of a disciplined person.

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