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    Women's qualities bring happiness to the family?

    In our society, girls are looked after by their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers from childhood. And happiness and peace will come to the family only through their good deeds are inculcated in their brain by the elders. And they learn to fear men from an early age. After marriage, the girl sets foot in the new family with this weak mentality, the sword of duty falls on her. She becomes busy with the responsibility of pleasing her husband and family. With the generosity of women, the family may be beautiful in the labor women, but men can make life poisonous by taking advantage of the tenderness of women. We also see many such events in society. So the happiness of the family is in the qualities of a woman, how justifiable is it today?
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    The ladies are bestowed with noble natures, taking care of her families and don't shy away the responsibilities with which they are trusted. This temperament remains with her so long as they are alive. There are some ladies even forgetting her food sometimes on saucy occasions when some known relative drops in and in that situation she spares the food of her. Considering their sincerity and devotion, they deserve their due shares. Unfortunately the same is not happening sometimes because of mismatch of marriage. They are behaved rudely by their husbands though they always try to adjust with their counterparts. However the trend is changing for the best with the recognition of their positive roles now a days. They must take up proactive roles in transforming the society.

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    A woman makes the family great and going and it is the matter of fact that when she is at the helm of affairs, nothing would go wrong and the family bonding go strong. In those days the joint family were the happening in every home and the women would take charge of everything they manage get into the route of planning, execution and even making provisions for the future. The Karta or the head of the family would never bother about the same as the women in thouse house take care of small ailments, functions and programs much to the happiness of all members. Rearing the children as the quality citizen is also one of the task for them and that is the reason being so some village people does not want to shift to the city in search of great jobs or living. Even today city dwellers hugely miss the village life on all counts.
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    All women are of not the same nature. There will be different types of women and the same is the case with men also. We see good and bad ladies and similarly, we see good and bad males also.
    In a house, if the lady is good and responsible, the house will flourish. At the same time, if the husband is cooperative with her, the results will be excellent. If the lady is not good, even though the male is good nothing good will happen. The family has to struggle. Many families are doing well even though their income levels are less, as the lady in the house is very responsible. Such ladies should be encouraged and should be taken care of by other members of the house so that the whole family will be happy and all will flourish. I have seen many families wherein gents will spend their money on their own bad habits and the housewife has to get the money for the family expenses and she has to take care of the house as well as the children also. Even in such situations also ladies can bring happiness to the family.

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    There was a time when there were no servants or maid servants in the houses of the people. That time the whole load of household on this shoulders of housewife. Surprisingly they managed well and no one had any complaint from their service. Traditionally the role of women had been very important in the households and everyone looks up to them for something or other. With time these equations changed significantly and many women started to go out for doing a job and became more and less independent in financial matters. Still they did not neglect their household duties and managed it with the help of maid servant. I sincerely feel that we should feel obliged to this great service by women who are taking so many pains for keeping the family members happy and contented with their round the clock serving attitude.
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