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    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trials- Are you following it?

    I have been a great fan of Johnny Depp since childhood and followed the Pirates of the Caribbean series so religiously till the allegations of domestic violence against him. He has been cornered from work in Hollywood and people began to hate him as well. But now, since the ongoing open trials, the facts are getting reversed. The victim is becoming a perpetrator and vice versa. I call myself a feminist which people often see in a negative light thinking that a feminist only stands up for the issues of women. But here, as far as I can see, the man was more of the victim than the woman and thus needs to be given justice. If any of you are following the case, do give your opinion about the case. How do you see these public trials?

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    Though I have not followed the trials of Johnny Depp and Amber what I could guess from the author perceptions that Johnny was wronged and even alleged for domestic violence. In this world much is heard and concerned about the woman but doubt is always cast on the man for wrong doing. And as far as domestic violence is concerned there is a benefit of doubt that all men are against women and if any domestic violence comes before the court, the justice would be in favor of the woman and the punishment would be more for the man. But in this case there is a reversal and proven that man is always not wrong. Through this public trails all cases against the men should be reopened again and even if there is small chance for justice and that should be explored and given the judgement in favor of men.
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    I am not following this. But I read about the case online somewhere.
    Mr Depp (58 years) sued Ms Heard(36, years) based on what she has written for The Washington Post. In that article, she referred to herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse." Now Ms Heard countersued Mr Depp mentioning that he defamed her.
    Ms Heard claimed that Mr Depp verbally and physically abused her throughout their relationship. She gave an incident as an example in which she told he grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. But Mr Depp claimed that this was a lie. He also said that she only punched him in the face that night.
    This may take some more time in finalising the case.

    always confident

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