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    Confusion Between NIT or Tier 3 college

    I am studying at TIU west Bengal CSE but I am not getting a kick should I take a drop for getting into NIT. because I am a dropper and I got a 30K rank in jee mains. I got NIT but a branch-like Mech, civil, which I don't like. What should I do?
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    I don't know about Tier 3 colleges but I have a lot of interaction with NIT completed students in West Bengal, Odisha, Pondicherry, and other states as I work with them they don't have any extra knowledge they are like just ordinary fresher's. They have only one extra qualification they have learned fluent Hindi other than that they don't know anything. except Pondicherry studied girl(No Hindi). All are from Andhra Pradesh. One boy is working on installing CCTV cameras as fieldwork in a MNC whose designation is Manager.
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    One should not go for the subjects in which he is not interested. That will have an adverse effect on the progress of the student. You can't concentrate on your studies and that will bring you down. So I never suggest you go to NIT as you have no liking for Mechanical and civil etc.
    There are two options before you. To go for long term coaching for one year so that in the next attempt you may get a seat in NIT in the subject you like. But you will lose one year.
    The second option is to join Tier 3 college in the subject you like. There are good colleges in Tier 3 also and some colleges even say that they have a 100% placement record. So you have to choose the best college from the Tier 3 colleges and get into the subject which you prefer. You can choose any one option among the above two. If I were you I will go for the 2nd option which is choosing the subject we like and joining in that subject in the best 3 tier college

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    From your submission it is quite clear that you have opted for a college and course to which you are not interested and may be parental pressure or the peer group pressure would have forced you to accept the CSE. This kind of catch 22 situation is felt by many students. As the student pass out from the intermediate, he would be mobbed by so many suggestions and courses to which one gets confused and that is what happened in your case also. But what I feel that we have to create interest on the subject and try to understand the same fully so that we can master the same over the period of time. For that matter any course is boredom when not concentrated and given a thought and therefore please be more practical and consult your heart and soul as to what could be more interesting and catch the same to continue and explore further.
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    It is seen that people excel in the area of their interest only. The reason for that is very simple because people will do hard work and efforts in the line of their choice. From the information you have given it seems that your ranking in JEE was not sufficient to get you admission in the desired stream. So the basic thing is the scoring and merit that can only lead to admission in a good engineering branch in NIT. Considering all these aspects and points it would be advisable to go for a 3 tier college in the desired branch and then concentrate and work hard in studies there so that one gets the campus recruitment easily. Please note that only thing which brings success to a student is hard work, concentration, focus, and determination in the studies.
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