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    Job prospects are growing in the country after the Corona disaster?

    The financial catastrophe has increased exponentially in the last two years all over the world. Our country and its people have not been spared, but this time the country's well-known non-governmental organizations are walking the path of economic recovery after overcoming the financial drought of the Corona period. They are going to increase their fund inflow by investing a lot of new capital as well as recruiting thousands of workers. According to the data, a lot of employment opportunities have been created in the sectors like IT, telecom, FMCG, e-commerce, and education. Various sectors have already started the recruitment process. On the other hand, upward recruitment of employment has also been noticed in the government sector. Recruitment is also being seen in various new fields in the job market now. All in all, it is hoped that the country will be able to overcome the financial crisis in the financial year 2022-23. Share your opinion.
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    Once corona threat subdueded, many industries and business houses started their manufacturing and other activities in full swing and there was good progress in many sectors. This led to recruitment drive by many companies and organisations and many people have been benefited by that. During the corona period a large number of people became unemployed and went back to their home towns. Slowly they are now either returning to their earlier workplace or getting new jobs in some other organisations. Government policies are also favouring many industries and many small to medium enterprises to reap the benefits of recovering economy and we can hold that within 1 or 2 years the economy will be back in the right track. Reserve Bank of India is also trying to take many measures to contain inflation and control the money market in constructive and positive manner and it is hoped that the foreign financial investors that had left investing in India will soon come back with huge funds and our foreign currency reserves will again start increasing. That would eventually lead to decrease in unemployment.
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    That is true. There are some hopeful happenings. Many organisations started back on their journey and pumping in new money so that they can recover the lost money in these two years. That is allowing bringing some new opportunities to the engineers who are looking for a job. In the IT field, many people are resigning their jobs and joining companies with higher pay and other facilities. Even in the manufacturing sector also new openings are coming but nobody is showing interest in joining these jobs. There are some posts in the government and government undertakings. All these put together employment opportunities are going up. It is a good indication. Many young people are eagerly waiting for these jobs. Even competition may also come down. Many IT companies are employing even B.Scs also for their requirements. It is a piece of good news for the unemployed youth and they should try hard and get a good job based on their qualifications and skills.
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    Truly said by the author. During the pandemic period when the central govt pumped in crores of rupees to organized and unorganized sectors, there was wholesome criticism that India was wasting money on no recovery. At that time our FM assured the Parliament that it is the big long term process to bring in all performing companies and organizations again in to the path of progress and now that the situation eased and good, the IT sector is back on the rails by recalling those staff who have been asked to stay at home with meager salary., the telecom companies are getting new customers and thus started recruiting field staff, the e commerce is having stupendous business during the pandemic and even now and thus the intake of new employees are also more. and therefore overall new job opportunities being created.
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