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    Why people remain more curious to know about weaknesses of others instead of their strengths?

    Generally, people are more interested in knowing about the weaknesses of others instead of getting inspired by learning about the progress made by them.

    Do they do so to rationalize their failures? Often, two persons talking on the phone will try to continue the discussion till they reach the point of revelation of losses on the part of the others. Moreover, such talks never yield anything positive because the other people also play tricks and avoid revealing correct information.

    Other's failures never justify one's shortcomings. They have to continue their efforts to succeed till their logical conclusion.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    Human nature is very strange. It manifests in a very special way especially when it compares something with some other thing. When we compare ourselves with success of other people then their success becomes a benchmark for us and naturally we have to reach to that level for making a fruitful comparison. When we find that it is not possible for us to reach that level then our mind starts working in a negative and destructive direction. That is the time when we start finding out the negative points in other people just to hide our shortcomings. Many people adhere to this type of behaviour though it is not in a good taste. I believe that we should see the positive points of other people and get ourselves motivated by them. That would be a good strategy.
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    In this world of competition and super intelligent moves by others there is always curiosity within us to know the overtures and progress of others and also their setback so that there could be some solace within our soul. We always felt that we should be progressing and others should be stagnant or slow progressing. If some one buy the new car, we want to buy at least a second hand car looking good and new This kind of mentality is present in many of us. By knowing the weakness of other persons we try to consolidate our position for future to be secure and going. But the things are going to change sooner or later as those who are weak and not getting into grove would sooner become strong and uncomparable and at that stage we would be fuming with more grudge and taking revenge like situation for sure.
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    Man is very intelligent, so he unknowingly takes advantage of people who cannot grasp that intelligence because of his simplicity. Basically, we are all looking for opportunities. There is no shortage of people who use the opportunity only for their own benefit without thinking of harming others. Many people gain self-satisfaction by reporting their wealth or accomplishments, accordingly they pretend to be inquiring about others. Another characteristic of human beings is that they will always give advice to others, on what others should and should not do. But these are the most negative people in life. Even if he talks to you, he doesn't want to talk in front of everyone. He loves to talk in secret. Only they think first about the bad impact, before they do anything they don't see the positive side they think about what will be the negative impact. We should avoid or associate with such people as much as possible. After all, people seek out the weaknesses of others to rule them.
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    The effect of corona lock out etc., leads people to steal or cheat others either directly or online. The crimes are in high volume after the corona lock out or loss of employment. On the other side, the stay in home makes the people to watch television serials and most of the serials are containing the vengeance, spoiling other family persons or own family persons, commenting on others etc., By seeing this frequently the watching people's mentality also changed similar to that that noticing others and seeking whether possible to make more problem in them.

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    I think people who are efficient and who are busy with their own work may not show much interest in knowing the issues related to others. They may not have time for that. If there is any necessity of knowing some details about their competitors, they may try to get those details so that they can plan their moves based on the information obtained. Some people try to make fun of others by knowing their weaknesses and they will try to get satisfaction out of these acts. Some people try to get satisfied with their failures by comparing the weaknesses and failures of other people. But some people, who do not have enough work and when there is no time pass, will show interest in these issues.
    Whatever may be the reason I feel we should not show unnecessary interest in the matters of other people and we should concentrate more on our own work and.

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