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    How to deal with boastful people?

    Often we have, in our social circle, a few boastful persons. They brag about their possessions and trivial achievements with excessive pride and self-satisfaction. Even after knowing that they are egocentric, we cannot avoid interacting with them because they occupy an important place in our social life. They often derive pleasure in creating confusion by talking baselessly. A few boastful people treat others as naive and pretend that they know everything in the world.

    Is it a waste of time to listen to them? But, what to do if they are our close relatives or our boss at the workplace?

    How to deal with boastful people? What is your opinion about this?
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    Yes there are some boastful persons around us and their main aim is to poke our interest on them in acquiring new things, displaying rare things to which we are not aware. For example underwater exercises are not done by many and if that is shared to the person who does not even know the swimming is something boasting to the core. If someone does not even have the two wheeler and you keep on telling him that you have four cars of different companies, that is nothing but poking the emotions of other person. Just keep out of these people as they seem to acquire the wealth and possessions not to satisfy their needs and wants but to show off to others as to how they are bestowed with good wealth and happiness in life. What is the use of such persons who never reached out to fellow citizens at the time of need.
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    You might come across such boastful persons around us singing songs in the different tunings. There is no alternative but to hear them patiently since they are the people with whom you had the acquaintance for years and are regarded as an important personality in the society. Best option in that situation is to keep mum and hear them patiently. Contradicting them would mean that they are humiliated and hence you should be cautious in your approach. However, I must say that you must not be influenced with what they would try to convince you. The other side of his version might be correct and hence don't be confused what they are telling. You must weigh pros and cons before taking any decisions what they have advised you.

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    There are some people in this world who have a habit of boasting about themselves, their achievements, and their knowledge and what not. It is also true that it is very boring and frustrating in the company of such people because they will be continuously boasting and talking about things in which we have no interest. It is very difficult to deal with such people especially when they are near and dear to us.
    If we listen to them continuously then hardly 5 to 10% of their talks would have any meaning or usefulness for us. The only thing which comes to the mind in regards to dealing with such people is to either ignore them or avoid them and make an excuse of having some important work elsewhere.

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    Tough to deal with such people. When we go to a government office for some work, the officer who sits there asks us to wait and go on telling us how fast he is and how much perfect he is and how sincere he is?, we have no option other than hearing him. In such a case, we have to add a little ghee to the fire by telling him that he is the best officer we have seen in his department, he will get excited and help us definitely and our work will be done. So we should have patience till the work is done.
    If our boss is also like this, we can also use it to our advantage if we have the energy of hearing and tolerating him for some time. When we want something from him, we should not directly ask him what we want. We have to just light the matchbox by saying that he is the man who can do the work perfectly. Then he will start telling us about this greatness. Never stop him and if possible add some fuel so that he will get excited. In between the discussion
    you can tell him what is that you want from him. He will definitely get it done.

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