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    English exam scares Inter students- 20,656 absent for English part two

    The on going Intermediate exams seems to be very challenging for the student especially the English part two paper was not attended by 20,656 students and this proves either the students are scared about the subject or having the last minute hope that KCR govt would declare them pass even without writing exams as the entire academic year was dotted with no class, online class and lots of confusion and more leaves due to local disturbances and festivities. Surely the education sector has gone for the beat and these students are going to loose one year in their career.
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    The author is right that many students are afraid of this language because they lack proper guidance how to be proficient in this language. The fact that many of them are not fortunate enough to have the association of the parents who could regularly guide them in this subject. Leave this aspect apart, they are not encouraged even to know the tips so that the would be able to master this subject. While talking regarding the teachers of the schools, they are more concerned about their personal tuitions and they ask even the students to join their tutorials for the improvement in this subject. If some of these students are fortunate enough getting regular guidance in their classes, this constitutes negligible numbers. Definitely, it is a faulty system of the school where no attention is paid to make the pupils understand the basics related to this subject.

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    If the classes whether physical or online were not conducted properly during the year then student will face this dilemma during the exam not only for English as a subject but for many other subjects also. This is not a healthy situation that after 1 year of school students are not able to take up the exam and absconding it. This shows poorly on the educational system and governance in our country in general and in the present case in particular. 1 year is not a small time. If people are serious the students can learn a lot during that time and face any exam including the English subject. Today English has become as the most important communicating and interconnecting language between the people and countries and under such a situation how can we survive without learning it? This is a matter of serious concern and requires attention of all the concerned authorities.
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    The students are accustomed to being easygoing for the last two years and still, they are not able to adjust to the facts and conditions. If they expect this year also automatic promotion without attending examinations or not preparing well, I should say that they themselves are spoiling their future. Today they may pass the examination. But tomorrow they have to write EAMCET or NEET for their further studies. How do they manage at that level?
    The students should be properly advised by their parents and teachers about the facts and ask them to prepare well for the examinations. If there is any sense that prevails in the leaders, they should not announce any automatic promotions. Yesterday I was talking to an intermediate student. He mentioned to me that he appeared for English 1 and 2 but the papers are tough.

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    If the students are not well-prepared they will have a fear to sit in the examination which is understood from this post. Now, who is to blame for all these? Here I would like to refer to the thread Are students far too dependent on spoon feeding? which may be able to clarify the reasons behind the scenario. The tendency of most of the students is to memorize the notes dictated by their teachers and since the same thing didn't happen in a good way in the online classes they preferred to stay away rather than score poorly in the subject.

    Interestingly, it is reported today that there was an agitation by the students at one renowned university in West Bengal where the students demanded an online examination instead of an offline pen and paper examination. Their logic is since the classes were held online and the offline examination was announced without enough time to prepare they want an online examination.


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