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    There is no substitute for mother's milk

    For a newborn baby mother's milk is supposed to be the best food having all the nutrients essential for the growth of the baby. There is no substitute for mother's milk. Unfortunately, many women are not feeding their babies with this natural milk due to various reasons but due to that the babies are suffering and getting many problems by consuming the commercial baby milk available in the market. I remember there was a time when in our villages and towns nothing like baby milk was available in the market and the only choice was to feed the babies with the mother's natural milk. Such decrease of natural milk in the feeding pattern of babies has affected the health of new borns significantly and it is a matter of concern. What are your views on this? Please share.
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    Nice thread from the author.. Getting married, having child are the two consecutive things happen in the youth life and how to bring up the new born child should also be made known to the new couples by the parents and the doctors. Just giving birth to a child is not enough, feeding the baby regularly is also most important. The first 8 months are most critical for the child growth and the mother's milk has all those ingredients which are not available outside food. We can always check the intelligent levels of the babies fed on mother's milk and outside food drinks. Surely those babies who had the mother's milk are strong and most beautiful day by day and others suffer the health setback. Moreover mother feeding brings the baby and mother with close bonding and that cannot be detached or copensated with any other move.
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    Breast milk plays a very important role in protecting the physical constitution and health of the baby. Only by breastfeeding do babies get proper nutrition, energy for healthy growth, and all kinds of nutrients for brain development. Children get the best protection. The same rule applies to mammals, we see that all mammals grow by drinking only breast milk after birth. In each case, they have habituated to it. But in the case of human beings nowadays its alternative is seen. Advertisements of various companies have also influenced today's mothers to feed their babies with milk products. It's not exactly for the baby. I would say that cow's milk should not be fed, because it is special for the calf only. However, in case the mother's milk is not enough for the baby for any reason, alternative arrangements can be made. We should all make mothers aware that a mother can successfully breastfeed her child if she tries with a little patience. Maternal and child nutrition is one of the keys to building a healthy nation. So It is especially important for today's mothers.
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    This is a proven fact that breast milk is the best milk. Many doctors even these days also suggest breast milk only for the babies. But many ladies are not feeding their babies with breast milk. Some mothers are not interested and some mothers may not have a sufficient quantity of milk. In such cases, the babies are given commercial baby milk to these babies. Such babies may be getting health problems.
    There are many varieties of milk powders available commercially in the market and different doctors suggest different products. There is no clarity on what basis they select th product. Some people go on a trial and error basis. Try one product and see how it is to the baby. If it is alright they will continue. Otherwise, they will go for another brand. Anyhow, when there is no alternative only. babies should be given commercially available milk. If we want our children healthy, we should give them breast milk.

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    I agree with the author that there is no substitute of mother's milk to the babies but unfortunately this old tradition is dying out slowly due our wrong perceptions. Some ladies are of opinion that they are working mothers doing the computer jobs for the IT companies due to which they don't have the time to suck up the babies and for the other ladies, the reasons for not giving them their milk are almost the same as indicated previously. There are other classes of mothers who are really ill and on such conditions, they would not like to feed their babies of their own milk. We can pardon such classes of mothers but for those conscious of their own figures which might disfigure them should not be excused.
    Mother's milk contain all the essential nutrients and essential minerals to nourish the babies and nothing would provide them such nutrients. Hence to provide the babies with sufficient immunity, breast feeding is a must. Research has established that diabetes might develop in the babies having been deprived of their mother's milk.

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    In western countries, the working women feed their own milk to the babies. They pump their breast milk and store the same in the fridge and even freeze it in the deep freezer. Thus their breast milk remains available to feed the babies.

    Mother milk is not just a portion of food for the babies. It contains many other micro-ingredients which regulate a baby's overall well-being.

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