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    Shirisha became 1st Line woman of Telangana Discom

    Proving that every field can be explored by the females, Shirisha has become the first line woman of Telangana power distribution company thereby making head way that in future the electric poles would be climbed and maintained by the women. Normally the fuse call office has the mail staff and they are on duty even during night hours to attend emergency outages and fuse calls. But by being the single woman at the helm how she could prove on par with her male counterparts. What is your opinion about this new development.?
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    Shirisha proved once again that females are no way less than males in all the fields. Probably she may be the first lady in the nation who is designated as a line woman. In earlier days we used to have linemen only but now their designation should be changed to linesperson. More females may enter now into this field and prove their might.
    When the pay scale is the same and the job profile is the same, she should also do whatever work that is being carried out by her male colleagues. There should not be concessions to her. But being the only lady, she may get some privileges from her colleagues. But as the number of ladies increases in the line, it may not be possible to have a different job profile for a lady and agent when they are in the same position. Congratulation to her for being the first and I wish her all the best in her career.

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    The time has gone when women were supposed to be confined to the four walls of the house. Slowly they are taking all sort of jobs even the jobs which were earlier the privilege of the men only. It is a matter of great happiness and rejoice to know that one woman in Telangana has taken up the job of line woman which is definitely a hard job if considered from the angle of requirement of these workers during odd hours. This is definitely an inspiring and motivating tale for other women who want to take up the challenging and tough jobs and prove their worth. It is expected that in coming times more and more women will be joining these so called tough jobs and the dominance of men would go down significantly in that respect.
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    With the progress of time, we could see many changes in the society. I respect of potentials, the lady folks are as competent as the male counterparts. The same could be seen in Sirisha's case where she is performing her job as a lineman in the Railway. Though this job was exclusively meant for gents but she seems to be equally comfortable with such an assignment for which there was no active participation of ladies earlier. Her involvement in this line will definitely inspire other women folk to join this line to demonstrate their capabilities. I wish her all the best.

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