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    Most of the covid patients now admitted are ailing two years back

    Most of the covid patients admitted across the country for 4th wave covid treatment were already ailing two years back and this throws so many questions to be answered. That the hospitals in which they were languishing earlier could not treat them fully. That this virus proved to be a repeater for some who does not have the health potential. That the two dosage of vaccine taken by them proved to be non functional in their health. If this continues with others, then we are heading for a much bigger challenges in future. Your comment please?
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    Any vaccine is not 100% guaranteed. The success rate maybe around 80 to 90 per cent. I know some people who have taken two doses of vaccine but couldn't survive. Taking this as an example we can't say that vaccines are useless. They are helpful and the seriousness of the problem has come down after vaccination. But how long this vaccine is effective is not known. Every year we may have to get vaccinated.
    There is no rule that once a person is treated for an alignment, he will not get affected by the same again. Saying that the doctors have not treated them well. We may be suffering from fever. We will take medicine and it will be cured. But after some days we again suffer from fever. This many of us might have witnessed many times.
    There is no proven special treatment for this problem and doctors are following different ways of treatment. We don't know what is the correct treatment.

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    Covid-19 attack was not as simple as has been perceived by many of us. All those who were infected with Covid-19 had different impact on them depending on their resistance, immunity, and general health condition. As it was a new type of virus first time in the world its effect was not known with certainly on the people. The vaccines were developed in a hurry and were manufactured in a fast pace. Relevant research is still going on in the laboratories across the world. Some of the people were seriously affected by this virus and some of them died while some other recovered but had got their vital parts affected or damaged by the virus. Even after recovery these people were not feeling comfortable and time and again were complaining about various ailments in their bodies. This is a situation of fait accompli and there is nothing much that doctors can do.
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