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    Only needs and no wants lifestyles

    The Indian middle class, particularly where the father is 45 plus and the mother is also employed in ordinary jobs, are easy adapting to lifestyles where the wants are totally gone and the needs are just met.

    I had a chance to meet with one such family. Gone out of the window is the mandatory trip to their native place, that would normally set them back by at least eight thousand rupees. This has been a joint decision of the family, who have decided to just four days in a farm house in a lovely village of a relative, some sixty kilometers away, but well connected by bus. This is exactly the pattern that is emerging. Since inflation has gone out of control, the families have started such cost-cutting, and this is just what is required now.

    A life that is based on satisfaction of needs and not wants.The middle-class has no choice now, _with a ruthless Government hiking all prices with patrol topping the list.
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    We always should plan our way of living based on our income levels and expenses. If I am earning one lakh rupees a month, I can think of staying in a house where the rent may be around Rs.30.000/- per month. But if my income is just only Rs.50.000/- I should not pay Rs.30, 000/ - per month as rent. We have to tune ourselves to the lifestyle which suits our earning capacities. When the places are connected well by road or by train, we should think of using a common transport facility like bus or train. We should not think of a separate car for our journey. We may have to compromise based on our strength in spending money. As of now, we are seeing price escalation, but these rates may come down once the war is finished and normalcy restored.
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    Inflation was always there sometimes low, sometimes medium, and sometimes high. There are many factors which fuel the inflation. Most of the times we blame the government for it. If earnings of people also rise in accordance with the inflation then there is no worry as it is a balancing act. If income does not rise and only prices of commodities increase then it is definitely a matter of concern and then there is no way except cutting the cost at the household level. Middle class people very well know as how to control the costs during the inflationary phase because they had seen all these things earlier also at various times during their lives. The problem is for the lower and poor class whose earnings are restricted and they cannot meet their expenses in this situation.
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    No doubt the inflation is very high and the middle class are battered to the roast to lead the life. And this is not new to us. Every time when there is a big elections the companies and the business community are given free hand to enhance the prices citing the raw materials hike cost and thus the difference of profit earnings would be shared as the donation to the political parties. This practice was started by the Congress and passed on as the legacy to other parties and we the public are fools to face the brunt. We have to behave when the prices are rising upfront and our austerity measures should be brought in to save from the crisis. We cannot lead the same life when the inflation is high and we must explore possibilities of earning few money more to compensate the price hike. This way the middle class has to adjust.
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    Once there is the pattern of escalation of price of the essential commodities, we have to think the ways of curtailing our expenses so that budget does not go beyond our expectations. Of course, the present time is the trying phase for most of us when we see that most of items for daily consumption has gone beyond our reach. The present trend is the result of prevailing war between Russia and Ukraine resulting in unexpected hike of gas and petroleum products and its resultant effects are seen in the price patterns of all the commodities. Certainly under the present situation it would be better to raise our income with some other means if we have the potentials so that the inflation can be compensated to some extent. Apart from that we have to do enough home work exploring the areas where we can curtail our expenses.

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