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    They are second to none in serving the patients

    We are all human beings and we will be getting some health problems now and then. Based on the severity some people may be visiting a doctor and also getting admitted to the hospital also. The doctor will suggest the medication but administer the medicines as prescribed from time to time, observing the patient and if necessary reporting the symptoms to the doctor will be done by the nurse who is attending the patient.

    A nurse should be alert always when the condition of the patient is not good and see that proper actions are taken as needed. If the nurse is not attentive, the chances of the patient's recovery will be reduced. These nurses will serve the patients without thinking about their own health and their services are very important. They are second to none in serving the patients.

    During the COVID time, many nurses sacrificed their lives and served the patients. When their own relatives were scared to go near the patient, these nurses stood in the front and served them. We should salute them for the services rendered by them in the field of health care.
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    Truly said by the author. The services of nurses are ever remembered by those patients who are bed ridden and always wants the attention of the nurse. These days when the house holds or the relatives having difference of opinion to attend the ailing patients, but the nurse would not have any reservations and they serve with so much happiness in the face and even talking to the patients and that gives them the full mark. Even today when the nurse visits the patients they are given the best regard and respect and even those who attend the patients as the regular nurse are paid well because none would do the work as they do and therefore nurses are in great demand then and also now. Our society is highly indebted to them and we must salute each nurse because they are the serving souls of patients of all types.
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    The role of nurses is very important in medical industry. They are the main person taking care of patients in the difficult hospital environment. During the pandemic period their contribution cannot be forgotten by the people. During that time they were exposed to the severe threats round the clock and had to take so much care while serving the patients in the toughest environment so far ever in the hospitals. Some of them were even not going to their houses and were confined to the make shift arrangement in the hospital lobby itself. It was a very tough time but they did not ignore and neglect the duties and took up the challenges to the best of their capabilities. I salute to these silent warriors who helped in saving so many lives during the pandemic period.
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    Nursing is not limited to what we see in a white uniform.

    Doctoral courses leading to a Ph.D. degree in nursing science are offered by many institutes.

    Maj Gen G.A Ram, PVSM, was the first lady to attain the rank of Major General in Military Nursing Service as the Director of Nursing Service in the year 1976.

    Even a super-specialist doctor cannot perform all the roles of a nurse e.g. changing the bedsheet with a serious patient lying on the bed.

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