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    What is your belief about what happens to us after our death?

    Every individual who takes birth on this earth have to face death finally. There are various beliefs about birth and what happens after death in different religions. As per Hindu religion, birth on earth as human is a great gift of God. Similarly after death, human will go either to heaven or hell depending upon the good or bad he did when he was alive. But no one in this world knows the mystery or secret of birth or death.

    According to my opinion, humans can never know the mystery of birth or death. God has kept that secret with him forever. God created human to live on the earth without letting him know the secret of his birth. After his death, God takes away the spirit or soul without letting him know any details about his death.

    I think there is no hell or heaven and it is only the creation of humans. Members, what are your thoughts with regard to this concept?

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    In these days when we do wrong thing to others in the morning, we would have bad experience by evening. When such is the action taken on wrong doers so fast, just imagine the situation after the death. Those who are the sinners , there is no pardon and would be taken to hell and all the misdeeds are read and quantum of punishment decided then and there itself. Even if one good thing is done during the life, there is every chance of forgetting all our sins. Everyone's balance sheet is ready with the God, and the more we do the sin and untruthful to others, the more we are going to get battered at the hell and there is no stoppage there because no pardon and no regrets for the punishment meter out. That is why one should mend their ways at least in the last stage of their age so that little punishment is awarded.
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    It is a mystery forever for everybody. No one can come back after death and tell what happened to him/her after her death. We all believe in rebirth. The rebirth will depend on the good or bad performed by you in this birth. I heard people saying that if you do more good deeds you will be sent to heaven. If you have done more evil deeds you will be sent to hell. When you did both good and bad equally, you will born on this earth again as a human being and you will be given a chance to do good.
    But I feel that there is no hell or heaven separately. This earth will be hell to somebody and heaven to somebody. It all depends on how your life will go. The effects of your good or bad deeds will result in this birth itself and there are no carryforwards. Based on the deeds you did, you will experience either heaven or hell on this earth itself.

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    The purpose of creating life by an unknown power is not fully understood. The human's ability to understand anything is limited to the range of their sensory organs only. Humans have widened their scope of understanding by inventing devices like microscopes, telescopes, and many other gadgets and instruments. But, we cannot claim that we know everything.

    Nobody comes to know about the future happenings after their demise. I believe that the stories of soul, heaven, hell, etc., are just figments of the imaginations of a few intelligent and creative people. These stories keep people at ease about the dreaded death.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There are many theories and many beliefs regarding what happens after death in various religions across the world. All of these are based on faith of the people and do not have any scientific confirmation. So we cannot say that this theory is correct and that theory is not correct or this is the perfect theory and that is not so perfect.
    From a scientific angle and considering the biological form of our bodies it is a fact that our bodies are based on some biological and biochemical activities and once these activities are degradated due to aging then death occurs. This happens with all forms of life available on Earth. Any form which has born will eventually die one day. The interesting thing about this matter is that it is not only the end of the physical existence of the body but also the consciousness which dies away with death. Once the consciousness is lost there is no point in discussing as what will happen after the death. It is the complete loss of that entity in the universe from which it was produced through the natural reproduction process.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is a continuous cycle of life and death, and our physical existence is just a medium responsible for the transmission to another phase/aspect of this life.

    Adding, hell and heaven are just a state of our mind.

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    In Garudapuranam life after death was described even, it is a myth but it is good for all human beings to read the book so that no one will do any bad things in life.
    Everyone should observe the nature of the Graphite structure because a Graphite has only a tendency to convert into diamond under tremendous temperature and pressure.

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    Spiritually speaking a birth is designed according to the earlier karmas. To accomplish the benefit or punishment the birth is given to the atma. Human birth is at the top of 84 lakhs of living beings. If we do bad or good karmas in this availed rare human birth also, another birth (may be as one in any 84 births) again. So we human should be neutral in our present birth.
    As the question raised about the happenings after death, if believed, one can reag Garuda Purana which clearly depicts.

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