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    Are you leading an FDL?

    I am sure you are not aware of FDL, though you may find various full phrases of FDL by searching it on Google. The thing that I am trying to convey through the initialism is quite common these days which will be revealed slowly but I don't want anyone to lead an FDL.

    We remain dependent on many things to complete our daily tasks. For example, while going to work you either remain dependent on your car or public transport unless the place of work is at a walkable distance. At the workplace also there are a lot of things like the system/accessories that help you to complete the tasks efficiently. All these are integral parts of our lives and many regular tasks will not be completed if one such dependency does not function. Just think of the situation if the office telephone or the printer doesn't work. Along with these usual kinds of stuff, there are some people who remain heavily dependent on others to do any task. They depend on others not because of their direct help but on how they do things so that they can just copy them. They cannot even think of the tasks themselves and keep on finding/asking someone from their known sources who did similar tasks. Where to go, what to do next, which food to have, what is in the news, etc is dependent on what their friends post on their Facebook and they look for answers on issues on Facebook only rather than searching it on Google. Yes, there are people who lead a Facebook Dependant Life which I shortened as FDL in the beginning and for them, you can say Facebook is almost everything.
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    In the beginning I was active on Facebook and yearned for the likings and postings. Slowly I realised that our sharing has become has habit to which others are doing routine job of liking and nothing more. Frankly speaking I stopped using Facebook for the past five years and I am only active on Twitter because there are meaningful posts to which the comments are made and even the connect is with the iconic people of the country. But instead of wasting time on Facebook, the members of this site can share in this site and start earning money because the social media are not giving anything in return, taking our valuable time, and we are inviting the wrath from others for free for our wrong post. Such things wont happen in this site if we are cautious and airing the reliable and authenticate information and discuss on that.
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    When I was doing my PhD, there was a Professor whom I know well. He was an expert in his subject and used to give excellent input to the students. After completing his class, he used to wait in the verandah of his chamber and used to observe for a vehicle to come to that side. The moment he saw a vehicle, he used to stop it and get on to that. The student was to drop him at his house. He was dependent on his students for dropping him back home.
    These days there are many ways to gather information. I saw very old ladies also watching youtube and making dishes as per the procedure given in that.
    In this universe, nobody is independent. For one thing or another, we all will depend on somebody. But we should not depend on sources like Facebook, which are not reliable. By depending on such tools we may be at a loss and we may not realise the same till we lose, I think.

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    In the beginning Facebook was a simple social media site where people interchanged ideas and communicated with each other and many of them simply chatted with their friends and relatives. Today Facebook has grown up in a very big platform where there are so many commercial things also appended to it and business houses and Facebook itself are making a lot of money out of that. The users are also happy because they are getting so many things in Facebook that keeps them engaged for quite some time in all possible ways. Some people are so much addicted of Facebook that they cannot think of their lives without it. This is a matter of concern because addiction of any kind is not good in our lives. It eats a lot of constructive time in our life making us failing in our core tasks.
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    Facebook has been the attractive platform for many of us and without that many of us cannot live happily unless we write some comments or visit the people on that site. Now with the time, it has grown into a vast platform keeping many of us happy with the pure enjoyment which could not be derived elsewhere. For many members, life would become dull if they are not allowed to go through this platform. Considering the importance of the time, there should be a time limit for our engagement in this site otherwise we might miss important assignments.

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