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    Life is a relay race in which each generation passes on the baton of life to the next generation

    Humans are not immortal. They get born and die in due course. However, human life is like a relay race. Each generation passes on the baton of life to the next generation. This process goes on forever.

    Our next generation contains our chromosomes, the life code. Thus our life continues. The offsprings have the chromosomes of both mother and father. Thus in each generation, an opportunity arises to better our life by selecting the right spouse.

    What are your comments about this thought? Is Human life a relay race in which each generation passes on the baton of life to the next generation
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    Rightly said by the author. The legacy of our fore fathers are now carried on by us as the baton was already given to us by our late father. This generation has the huge responsibility to keep that legacy in tact and move forward further to increase the name and fame of the family that was existed. Our fore fathers used to eat food only after offering food to the passerby in the village and they used to wait for such persons. Surely this trait is absent in the present generation and at least we must treat the guests who ever comes by offering food and attend to the needs. But I am doubtful about the next legacy because the present generation may not carry my legacy through their sons and grand sons because hifi life has entered their mind and our old legacy would be dwarfed and even forgotten in the name of new cultured and imported traditions.
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    Our life can be compared to a relay race as after we die our next generation will be taking over the liabilities or deposits we have by the time we die. In a relay race, all the participants will meet before and after the race also and all of them no the end result of the race. But in real life, there is no chance to meet all participants after our relay is over. How the next generation is going to fare in the race will not be known to us. We may save time and hand over them early but how they managed their time will not be known to us.
    Another difference is that there is no overlapping in a relay race. While you are running from your team nobody will be running. Running will be one after another only. But in human race, the father, the son and the grandson may share their time and they may live together for a few years.

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    Human race forwards through generations only. The traits and basic characters are carried from one generation to another and the human race progresses ahead like that. There are many things that people complete during their lifetime but there are many incomplete works that remain there for the coming generations who have to take up and complete them and continue the sequence in an unending fashion. Some of these tasks continue in the form of family traditions and family pride like keeping up the old parental building and the associated land and not selling it just to make a quick profit. Thus the culture and family traditions stay alive even in the future generations and that is something which we can be proud of.
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