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    All human relationship are money- based

    Nowadays most of the relationships are based on money only. New-generation people are completely money minded. They want to have relation on the basis of money. If you are giving money then they are your relative otherwise no need to have relation. Humans has lost humanity. Everybody knows nothing comes with us when we leave this earth but still we are thirst of money. What we lack is aatma gyaanam. Every relationship are being made by seeing their financial position. There are many example in society where you will find that money thirst is more. Some times, children leave their old parents because of extra expenses on old parents.Oftentimes, I read in newspaper that son killed his father in wanting of money. Beside, wife leave husband because of low income. So, all human relation are money related. Dear member, share your view.
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    The thing is there are people who make relations based on the economic condition but we cannot say everybody is of the same nature. Maybe many people these days give primary importance to money but after some time there is every chance that these people lament for neglecting many other important aspects. I think for many, this greed develops from childhood by following the behavioural pattern of the parents though the greed may form later depending on various other situations. Maybe over-dependence on gadgets and luxuries has a great role here which turns a person selfish where the importance is given only to oneself without any regard for others. Respect for each other and viewing everyone as a fellow human being can change the situation.

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    Good observation from the author. Money has been playing spoilsport on many things and that includes the change of attitude within the people who matters money and not the affection or relations and they are no more caring and trusting. People are ready to spend money but not their time. Elders at home wanted the care and affection but the young ones are arranging a maid to look after them and thus the emotions are cut off. The dispute over the properties after the death of the head of the family if the will is not written properly could be seen these days and that turns into nasty even when the obituary references are going on and that proves how mean mentality has gone for the sake of money. Right from the morning till night our life spins around earning and spending money cautiously as the situation warranted to save few for the future.
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    Yes, to the new generation, all human relationships depend on money. People are crazy in search of happiness. Happiness aside, we did buy anything with money. Instead, we spend our money on satisfying ourselves. But it is much happier to buy something for others with the same money than to buy something for yourself. This expense brings happiness to others which many people cannot realize. If they have money, they can buy any product or service they want. By fulfilling these material needs the mental needs are met and the mind and mood remain good. Not only that, but money develops our personality also. All this is necessary for overall happiness. It also involves the idea that wealthy people may be happy to live an impossibly luxurious life. After that, the demand for money for social prestige is also important today. So there is no denying that relationships are being bought and sold for the money nowadays. But finally, money cannot buy happiness. So the relationship between happiness with money in human life is a complex paradox.
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    Yes, there has been changes in the attitudes of the people these days where emotions are not dominant in our relationships. We would try our best to save our money as far as possible despite the fact there is constant inflows of money but this hunger is not satisfied. Irony is that once upon a time, the father had sacrificed everything thing for upbringing their children but once they are settled, the father and so is the case with the mother face worst situations at the hands of merciless children not providing the parents their trifle demands due to the lust of the children to save more and more ignoring the sacrifices of their parents. However the saved money cannot bring us happiness despite our attitudes for saving huge money.

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    yes, definitely there is no second thought of it.
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    No, I don't agree. I still find many relationships between/among people without any financial interest.
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    The percentage of people who give more importance to money than human relations is increasing. A rich person will never talk to his poor brother for a fear that his brother may ask him for money.
    I know a family where the father earned crores of rupees and distributed the same equally to his two sons. He left property worth about 2 crores in his wife's name. He died and later his wife also died. These two brothers quarrelled with each other in the process of sharing the property which is in the name of their mother. They couldn't come to an understanding. They went to court and the case is pending in court for the last 10 years. They both never talk with each other.
    But we need not think that all the people are like that. There are people who give value to human relations. I know a person who never eats food without donating food to another person every day. He will wait for somebody to come and eat with him.
    So always there are people of both types but percentages may vary from time to time.

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    Money is a very important entity in this world. We would realise it's presence everywhere. Everyone makes a good effort to earn good amount of money in one's life. There is an old saying that says that 'money makes the mare go'. It is very true in its intended meaning.
    There are many relationships that thrive based on the money only. Financial transactions, buying or selling of items, paying for one's comforts etc all require money to complete those transactions. Coming to the human relationships there are occasions when money means all the importance but there are many situations when money doesn't help and what comes to our rescue is the fine sentiments and sensitivities of the people and even a good amount of money cannot achieve that. So we must distinguish between these two aspects and value money accordingly.

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    I agree with the author that money can be an influential source in any relationship. Even a few children have become so much money-minded that they even collect money from their parents for medical bills when they ask them to buy medicines for them. Imagine, the agony the parents would have undergone when such an incident happens. If parents are affluent their children treat them with respect. Therefore, it is true that money can easily make or break any relationship.

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    In my opinion, money mattered in the past too. Barring exceptions like the natural bond between the mother and her offspring, money affects all other relationships.

    Nowadays, Krishna-Sudama type of friendships doesn't exist.

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    It is true. Money does and only money does matter. Whatever interpretations we may give to relationships, it is the financial status of a person that ultimately counts. The reasons for being so may vary but the final result is almost indisputable. I would take the chance of disagreeing with even the relationship between mother and child as said by Kailash Kumar in the response above. It is not that a mother will necessarily differentiate her children based on financial conditions but one cannot rule out the possibility which is almost 95% probable which may be due to different reasons. People tend to distance themselves from you if you are in a poor financial state. If you are financially stable, you will find your friends and relatives being very cordial but at the same time, if you are unstable, the same friends and relatives would, as said in some responses above, choose to maintain a distance.
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    I agree with Saji that even mothers differentiate their children based on financial conditions. However, mothers start feeding their babies in their wombs, even before birth. They continue to provide them with their milk until they grow enough. Perhaps the best role of mothers is to nurture and protect their babies.

    The offspring, however, redefine the meaning of mothers after growing up and mothers also start differentiating.

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    In one way it is correct. I read in a book that once a VIP went to a town hall to deliver a speech in a disguised dress . He took a taxi to reach the place and when he got down at the place of town hall, he asked the driver to wait for 45 minutes for his return journey. But the driver told him that he was in a hurry to home to watch the speech - which is to be telecasted in television (to be given by the VIP) as he is very fond to listen his speech. Felt much happy the VIP gave him hundred rupees over the spoken amount. Received driver told, "okey sir, I will wait for you even one hour" The VIP asked him what about the watching television, but the driver replied, "it is not important now, sir"

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