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    Consumer durables prices hike in India due to effect of China Lockdown

    Consumer Durables Prices Hike in India as there are scarcity of the spare parts due to lockdown in China as the supply becomes tight and also India rupee value further slips .
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    There may be many reasons for the rise in the prices of consumer durables. The present situation in China may be one of the reasons. China's items are very cheap when compared to the products from other countries. Of course, the reliability of these products is also doubtful. That is why when we go for important items we will not go for China products. But our country has not come up to the stage of producing equal quantities like that of China. We have to go a long way. Many of our country's people go for less costly products and that is why for China, India is the desired destination. As we are not getting the required quantities from China, the sellers in our country might have increased these prices. Once normalcy comes in China, I think the prices may come back to normalcy. The impact of this on the value of the rupee may not be very high and it will be temporary. The value of rupee will increase in the coming times.
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    It is a world known fact that China is going to face the 4th wave as their covid behavior was erratic and that lead to new cases spilling up and even deaths occurred more. In this back drop even the lock down announced and more over the supplies from Russia has been stopped due to war and thus Chinese companies has to face the brunt of lock down blues and hiked the price. But Indians need not buy the Chinese durables as there are other brands available in the reasonable rate and thus China should be cornered for its past deeds on misleading the world on first virus wave. Moreover Indian companies are now making raw materials ad the spare parts that are required for the consumer durables and thus within few days from now there would be greater demand for these companies even from the outside country for the spare parts.
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    Nothing will happen to China. Misdeeds all big words used. 4th phase COVID is also not there in China which is negligible to China's Capacity. Without China Goods, the world cannot survive quality is also best with fewer rates. For example, I am using all computer peripherals which are made in China in that my computer keyboard which I bought for 250 rupees after 3 years is working as it is (Made in China.). As India's rupee against the USD is reaching the 80 mark.. it may cross 100 in a few days.....
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    China is a country where not only the young workforce but even the old age people immensely contribute to the economy and it is no surprise that they are doing exceedingly well in the area of manufacturing and trading of items across the globe. So being a highly populated country where everyone is contributing there would not be any effect of a lockdown in a part of the country. Today we are seeing the price rise in everything and it is a chain reaction as an increase in the price of an item especially the items like petrol and diesel will fuel the rise of price in all other items. Some of the Chinese products which were very cheap earlier are also becoming costlier as there are issues of freight and transport charges incurred in sending the items to the destinations like India. Chinese people are very expert and experienced in coming out of the crises quickly and that is which is keeping them at number one in the consumer durable goods. They have a large manufacturing facility not only in terms of big factories but also in terms of small scale industries.
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    So, what is the alternative? How to overcome it? The author is advised to please be specific and detailed in raising threads. Forum is not a platform for putting up questions. You need to say what you want to with required details and suggestions, if any, so that it entails a fruitful discussion.
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