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    The placements cell in degree colleges should make approaches for jobs

    While the big companies are lining up to the Engineering colleges to have the campus recruitment for any stream, the degree colleges are left out with small and unknown companies of non relevance in case of fresher's jobs. The placements cell in degree colleges are not active and are thereby losing the chance of getting placements for the bright candidates in humanities, arts and science streams. Most of the placement officers are staying put at the college and never venture out to have the details of vacancies beforehand from the corporate companies and thus miss the chance.
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    It may be one of the reasons but not the only reason. There are many degree colleges and all colleges will not have placement officers and placement cells. The companies will go to the colleges where the quality students will be available for them. They will never simply go by the letters from the HR department.
    Earlier almost all the IT companies were recruiting only Engineering graduates for jobs in their organisations. But slowly some companies started recruiting B.Sc/B.Com/BA students also. But the number was less. Slowly the number is increasing. But we can't expect these companies to go to all small colleges where the standard of education is not that good.
    The colleges should work on increasing their standards. They should have qualified teachers and a good infrastructure. Otherwise, students coming out of those colleges can't compare with colleges of a high standard.

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    The author has raised an important issue about the placement of bright students studying in normal colleges other than the professional ones. It is very true that the bright students studying in engineering colleges or MBA colleges are getting placement in good companies depending on their merit and campus interview. But this advantages is not there for the students studying in normal colleges. For achieving this objective it is necessary that our college education should be oriented towards the professional style and should not be limited to the academics only. The educationists and policy makers have to look in this aspect deeply and bring some radical changes in the normal education patterns. After that only the work of placement cell starts. It is obvious that placement cells in these colleges are to be strengthened.
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    The author has raised an important issue regarding the placement of students in colleges which are well established. This is definitely a rosy picture for those studying in such colleges having their wide opportunities to grab jobs. They have tie ups with the different recruiting companies requesting them to turn up for recruiting the eligible candidates. However such facilities are not available in other colleges situated in the same cities. It is not that there are the deaths of talents in such colleges. The only issue is they lack that reputation before the eyes of the recruiting companies. Examining the current scenario, they should align themselves for raising their old impressions and in that way, there could be surge of the employment opportunities among the students.

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    The suggestion of the author is great. No need placement officers but even Personnel or HR officers of private companies can approach college authorities at the closing session for academic periods. It is good to have a good employee with educational background, family background and it is good for outcoming students also. The Personnel /HR officers should approach both engineering/Technical colleges as well Arts and science collages. Once we want to have a candidate with Plastic technology specifications, I, as a Personnel officer, suggested my director to have a contact with the head of Plastic Technology institute, CIPET, in Chennai. We both went there and select two persons after interviewed some candidates

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