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    Jokes to relax this day

    1) Lady 1: You told me that you are in a joint family. Who is cooking daily? You or your mother-in-law?
    Lady 2: One week my father-in-law and another week my husband.

    2) A couple returned home after a cinema. Wife tried to unlock the door while the husband was holding his mobile torch. She was unable to open. Then the husband took the key and the wife held the torch and the lock got opened. Husband just stared at her but she told, 'see there is a way to hold the torch'.
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    they author is posting good jokes after a gap of sufficient time and they are a good source for us to freshen up our minds. Both the jokes are really very entertaining though the second one is more hilarious.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Husbands only will do mistakes and they are the reasons for the failure of ladies. WIves never do mistakes and they are the reason for the success of their husbands. This is a very well established fact and the second joke from the author conveys the same.
    After a long time, the author has come out with two good jokes and both are good enough to laugh loudly. I enjoyed both and thanks to the author for his collection.

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    I appreciate the talent of the writer with his ability to make us laugh with the fresh jokes. This time, he has presented two jokes and both are good enough to freshen up our minds. The first joke reflected the intelligence of his wife with the indulgence both her father - in - law and her husband in the process of cooking showing her skill in managing day to day activities. It was really an interesting joke but the second one was more mind refreshing.

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    Though the author shared just two jokes the first one was so hilarious and this is happening in many house. While father in laws may be cooking due to passion or time pass activity, the husband must be cooking as the compulsion for not having employed anywhere and he has to listen to the wife for sure. The second joke was also interesting and again the husband had the dig at the wife. Normally what is happening at home are all hilarious and we wont share with anybody and here the author always comes with the realistic jokes every time. But why this time he choose to share just two jokes and we always expected more from him next time. Actually this forum is always busy with the serious discussions on the posts and threads and the author alone shares the best jokes with us which are hilarious and gives us the desired pep.
    K Mohan
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