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    Is it proper to serve your guests like this?

    In our house, when we get any guests or even to members of our house, we serve snacks in small plates or cups individually. In one house, when we visited them, six persons were sitting in the hall and chatting. The host lady asked us to have some bajjis as she was preparing for all. After some minutes she came out with two big plateful of bajjis. She kept one plate on our teapoy and kept another at the middle of the children playing on the floor. She came and sat with us and asked us to take the bajjis. Do you think it is the proper way of serving your guests?
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    Author has made a very fine observation. In many cases people serve some items like bhaji in a big plate and everyone is asked to take from it. In such cases some people feel shy taking more number of pieces and keep a slow pace. At the same time some frank and a smart people go on gulping down a large number of pieces and do not care whether others are getting it or not. This might look in a bad taste but they don't bother for anyone. This is like a buffet system where you don't have control on someone whether one will take less or more number of items from the dishes spread in front of him. In the other system where an individual is given his share in a small plate there is no disorder and everything goes on smoothly. Some people who do not want to eat more will in fact return a part of that before eating the remaining quantity. I personally prefer the latter system.
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    It is quite a unique observation made by the author which I have never given a thought to. Still, I am having difficulty understanding what exactly is baaji here( is it vegetable or some sort of fritters).
    Coming to the question of serving the guest in a proper manner, I believe if the thing given in snacks to the guest is things like Namkeen, Biscuits, fritters or things that are in individual pieces then it is ok to provide the snacks in a single plate if the things given in snacks that do not have individual pieces such as sweet like Gajar ka halwa than it should be served individually to each guest in different plate, as not everyone likes to eat from the same bowl.

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    Neelam, bhajji is sort of fritters only. Of different varieties, made with different vegetables dipped in a batter made of some flour mixed with spices of one's choice.

    Coming to the topic, I fail to understand why the author should feel bad about being served in a common plate. We visit others when we have that bonding and so where is the question of having separate plate to serve you or anyone else? As Neelam has rightly pointed out, the servings would depend upon the type of snack that is being served. For example, if you are serving Samosa with some chutney or sauce, you may keep the samosas in one serving plate and give quarter plates for the guests to take what they want. The serving would be different with namkeens or other such items. So, it depends.

    I don't think there is anything to feel offended about being served in a common plate. After all, that is bonhomie!

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    My boss used to keep four varieties of snacks in 4 very nice and cute looking containers as a set. When we visit him for some reason or for some time pass on a holiday in his house he used to bring that set. He used to open it and keep it there. We will be consuming them while discussing with them. After that, he used to keep the set again back inside and he will fill it again for the next visit or for the next guest.
    In Summer we will get good mangoes which are to be cut and pieces are to be consumed. My wife will cut 4 or 5 such mangoes after removing the skin. She used to keep those pieces on the table and while discussing we consume them. When guests are therewith is also we will continue the same practice and I never felt anything wrong with this practice.
    When we attend meetings also, biscuits will be kept in the middle of the table on a big plate and people can take as they like and eat. I have seen this practice in many places.

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    The matter has to be seen in different angles. That the members are more and the host must have fallen short of the snack and thus made the idea of collecting all Bhajji in one plate and make them serve to all. Here she does not know , who will like it , who will love more to eat and who will discard. By keeping the big plate of the snacks, she opted the best idea and the guests need not feel awkward or hurted. Moreover the Bhajji is the oil item to which many may not like and by keeping amidst the guests, the host made the best hosting experience and I would appreciate her. And by offering separate plate to children, she again displayed the best courtesy because if not done so, the children would mess up and pick up the Bhajjis and that would amount to bad manners. So I do not find any wrong on the part of the host in this matter.
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