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    Is this phenomenon really good?

    Just now I have read this. It has appeared in the online version of The Hindu. The news states that yesterday Bengaluru's maximum temperature fell by 11 degree Celsius on a single day. On last Wednesday, Bengaluru had a maximum temperature 9 degree Celsius below normal, and yesterday, it dropped further by 11 degree Celsius. The city is colder than Shimla right now.

    After reading the news, I am really very very perplexed. Although many Bengalurians welcome this sudden and abrupt drop in temperature, I feel sudden drop in temperature by 11 degree Celsius (remember, 11 degree!) is very abnormal.

    Does this sudden drop in temperature have any relationship with global warming? Does this phenomenon have a long-term/short-term adverse effect on the health of human beings and animals? Does it affect agriculture?

    I request ISC members to give their opinion on this unusual phenomenon and its consequences.
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    Bangalore is located on an elevated platform and it enjoys moderate climate around the year. The city is situated at an altitude of 92 metres and falls under India's moderate climate zone, with temperatures ranging between 34 degrees and 13 degrees during the year. Whenever there are storms or cyclones around in the country then Bangalore weather is immediately affected by it. It is not very unusual for Bangalore to have a drop of temperature even during summer season. About 2-3 days back the temperature in Bangalore dipped by 9 degree centigrade and next day it further dropped by 2 degree making it a total of 11 degree from the earlier maximum temperature. I do not think that there is any direct link of this temperature drop with the global warming phenomenon.
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    There was a depression in the Bay of Bengal. Because of this the weather in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka was stormy and the temperature drop was there. When there is stormy weather Bangalore experiences sharp changes in weather.
    Today I have 3 visitors from Bangalore and I spent almost 4 hours with them. During the course of the discussion, they told me that for the last 4 or 5 days, heavy rains were there in Bangalore and the temperature was very less. Today it is very hot in Hyderabad and they were experiencing the differences. When our body faces severe and sudden changes in temperature, we may have some health problems and we should be careful. But if it happens very frequently our body will become strong enough to face any type of weather.

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    Bengaluru is always has cool climate, thanks to the huge presence of trees all around and the temperature would be low. But there was a cyclonic disturbance in the Bay of Bengal and that made the Southern states cool. Even in Hyderabad two days back it was cool as if we already got into the rainy season. These days the climate is not as anticipated by the weather man. Now the Met office claims that the Monsoon would be very early this year and likely to hit Kerala on 27th, that means we are also going to get cool climate within 15 days from now and thereafter the rains. Nevertheless Bengaluru has been credited for good living for the all ages of people and yesterday there was even rains in the Metro. So the weather is keeping on changing and we being the immediate neighbor of the Karnataka also feels the impact.
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