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    Do you ever repent for something you have done in your life unknowingly which is irreversible?

    Sometimes we do something which we would not have done at all unknowingly. We happen to regret having done such a such incident happened to one of my friends,the memory of it taunts her all the time. Dear members, have you come across anybody confessing to you about having committed such a blunder?
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    It is well established that 'to err is human.' We all commit mistakes and sometimes blunders. We do commit mistakes and regret too. Most of us die without revealing certain dark aspects of life to anybody, including our spouses.

    It is not advisable to share everything with everybody. Our near and dear ones may get hurt after knowing the darker aspects of our personalities.

    Repenting is inevitable, but that is the punishment we have to undergo.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I might have committed many mistakes. But I think I have not committed blunders. I am sure. But when we think about those mistakes, it appears silly and I don't understand how I committed those mistakes. But anyhow to err is human. But I have not repeated any mistakes. I used to believe everybody blindly. But once or twice I was ditched by some people whom I believed. Then I thought that believing them was a mistake. Now I think twice before taking anybody's words for granted. Fortunately, I have not lost heavily because of believing them but I have to face minor losses.
    We are all human beings and we will tend to make mistakes and the outcome of that mistake is to be carried by us only. Sometimes it will be heavy but sometime it will be light. We have to be attentive and see that we will not do the same mistake again and again.

    always confident

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    Mostly, the blunders happen due to financial loss. For example, it can also be businesses related. Some people even lose jewelry from home itself and servants run away with them. They regret having not kept the jewelry in the locker. Usually, women believe in joining chit funds and losing a huge amount.

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