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    Beside showering love and affection, also respect your children

    People love their kids unconditionally. But, I think showering love and affection only is not enough. People have to respect their kids as they have unfathomable potential within themselves.

    They are the rising stars. They have their life available to them to do wonders. They may become Einstein, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg in the future. Thus, because of their inherent potential, they deserve our respect. We need to respect our kids as individuals.

    The parents have to nurture them with due regard.

    What is your opinion in this connection?
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    Rightly said, instead of being parent, we must behave like friends with the children so that their inner voice and wants are known to us and we can plan accordingly. Showing love and affection are the part of great bonding between the parent and children but that does not going to mend their future anyway. While they progress in the life, we must understand their priorities, liking and move towards getting them. In some communities in Hyderabad while naming ceremony to the child at the age of 6 or 8 months when the child begins crawling. many items are kept and the child is keenly watched as to what he or she would pick up and that makes the inner urge of the child and the parents would take care of achieving that target during the child life. It is in fact good idea to know the child liking at the tender age and mould.
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    The author is very correct that the children should be taken into confidence with showering our love. The children are innocent and sometimes mischievous. If you should them in case they have committed mistakes, they would maintain some distance from you at the later stage.Hence instead of being parents, you should show how best you are as being their friends.,They would definitely come closer if there is the bonding of love in your behaviour. In that process, you have to appreciate their feelings by hearing patiently what thoughts are hovering in their minds and you should appreciate their emotions for being their true friends. There would be situations when they would absolutely follow you when you prove yourself that you are the none but the best friends of your kids.

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    That is true. We have to respect the talent of the child. We have to nurture them in such a way that their talent will get sharpened by giving them enough scope to develop. Every child will have his/her own speciality. My 3-year-old granddaughter colours the sketches very nicely and she will not allow the colour to come out of the border. She will do it meticulously. That is the skill she is having. We have to respect her talent and see that she will further improve in that line.
    Loving children is good but we should not become over affectionate with them. We should be able to tell them which is good and which is bad. We should correct them if they commit mistakes and tell them why they should not commit mistakes. We should respect their feelings and convince them with proper and reasonable answers to their doubts.

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    Every child has got a hidden potential. Only thing is that the parents should realise it and motivate the child in that direction. Love and affection are of sentimental value. They might not be much useful in practical life. Parents have to treat the children in a manner in which they should not only be feeling afraid of the parents but also consider them as their mentors. A necessary amount of sternness is required to keep the children in discipline and order. It is obvious that when children are moving in the right track then parents should give them applause and accolades for that in respectful ways. That is probably what is meant by giving respect to the children.
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    My opinion is no need to give respect to the children once we show our love and affection and spending time with them itself a great respect to them. A couple was complaining me that their daughter always went out of the house and playing with other children without staying inside the house. When I happened to stay in their house for two days I talk to the child with affection but the two days the child did not go out of the house but staying in the house, spending time with me by playing and talking. Then I told the parents if we spend time with our children they will never seek others to play or never go out of the house.

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    I am so in agreement with the things mentioned by the author of the thread here. As we often see in Indian society elders seek respect from youngsters but do not reciprocate it, they take it for granted that it is the part of the culture to be respected by youngsters but one should remember that respect is not something which is given to any elder it has to be earned. Even if the kid is showing respect it not necessarily means he/she feels it too in their heart and for gaining true respect elders too should give youngsters respect as well apart from love and care.
    If parents do not let their children speak, do not listen to their opinion and do not give attention to the kids will not really respect them but just put on a show if parents start to respect children's opinions too then children will always have a tendency to tell everything to parents and respect their decision as well.
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