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    What is the percentage children who sincerely look after their aged and sick parents?

    The present world today is witnessing the sick and old parents being badly treated by their children. Some children even forcibly dump their parents at old age homes. Do you think the trend is increasing or decreasing?
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    The answer cannot be in percentage but in numbers and very few of them. I know one of my far relative who is the only son and highly qualified and earning in IT Industry has left the job and gone to the parents native and looking after both of them who are bed ridden. He cooks, nurses and even does some part time work from home from the village and thus he stands as the testimony of some good souls still care for the aged and sick parents. Most of them are preferring old age homes which are now equipped with medical attention and nursing and the children wont mind paying money for that. The bond between the children and the parents are decreasing and there cannot improvement in near future. As long as parents earn money they are cared and respected , otherwise they are treated as servant on calls by the children.
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    In this matter there has been a great change in the attitude of people. There was a time when children invariably took care of their parents but due to so many changes in the society especially the modernisation and copying western trends, people have changed significantly in respect of their behaviour with their parents. Nowadays very few people take care of their parents. It varies from area to area also in our country and in some societies still many people take care of their parents. In urban and metro areas the trend would be different than the village and remote areas. I feel that in spite of all the apprehensions, still there would be 60 to 70% people who would be taking care of their parents.
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    In my opinion, many people are exaggerating the issue. Many parents sent their children forcibly to foreign countries for studies and made them settle there. Now when the parents are old their children can't leave their jobs in the middle of their career and come back to India where the chances for them to get a fresh job are very remote. Many of the old people refuse to leave their native places. Then how to make both ends meet? Many of the children are ready to part with money for the cause of their parents. But here money is not the matter but hand-holding is very important.
    My uncle's son tried for a job in India after completing his MCA. But couldn't get it. Luckily he got a good offer in the USA and settled there. My uncle used to go there and stay there for a minimum of three months and come back. He was sick and his son from the US came here and stayed here for almost 8 months with his father and saw that pepper care will be taken. He was with him day and night during these 8 months. Thanks to COVID, his organisation allowed him to stay in India and work from home. All these 8 months his wife and children were in the US only as their children were US citizens and no visa was given at that time due to COVID.
    My uncle recovered well and his son is thinking of going back to the US as his brother who is in India will take care of his father. But unfortunately, my uncle passed away due to some unknown reason.
    There may be a few people who never care for their parents. Problems will be there from both sides. But seeing and taking care of parents is the minimum responsibility of their children and the majority of people know this, I feel.

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    The persons at the age group of 40 to 55 and below only sending their parents to homes. The main reason according to me is the lack of affection shown by parents on them in their childhood for various reasons. Even now many parents do not care on their children's wellness and leaving them in the name of 'privacy', here the 'privacy' is for both parents and children. In western countries I heard that the children have a separate bed room and not sharing with parents. Many Indian parents also following this as style but forgetting the wellness of children and possibility of miscreant activities in them. Later they are crying as anything if they met disaster in children.
    In those days children never leave parents and other relatives, only aged boys used to move with friends and they too came back home by 6.00 pm. Many parents casually train them in household works irrespective of gender. In our house all male members and female members do cooking well as got trained by our mother, we lived in a joint family and respect all elders in the family. I am dead against sending the parents to home and even for living separately. God's Grace, I got a good wife with same frequency of mine and served our parents till their last breath. Many parents are not, I am seeing in many houses, sitting with the children and talking casually but all of them including parents and children are roaming in the house as officials and not family persons.

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    In addition to the sentiments and values, there is economics also behind children taking care of their parents. If the parents are wealthy and the children are jobless staying with them, then people in the society will appreciate him for taking care of the parents in the old age.

    The children's spouse plays a vital role in taking care of and spending money on the parents. A more affluent child may be able to spend a lot on medical expenses in the terminal stage. But, the dependent child may calculate the percentage of the never recoverable money of the parents to spend on their medical treatment in the last step.

    How many of them will be able to nurse the parents themselves? Engaging a nursing care assistant round the clock requires a lot of money.

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