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    Congress to implement one family one ticket rule, will that start from High command?

    The great introspection meeting of Congress party is held and in that many issues are discussed on how to face the coming general elections. Sonia Gandhi expressed the view that henceforth the party would be implementing one family one ticket rule and this may not be accepted in larger terms as this grand party has many leaders in same family across the country. The dynasty rule was the hallmark of Congress since ages. Moreover if the rule applies, will it start from the high command ?
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    New decision taken in the 'chintan shibir' of Congress: The party agrees on 'one-party-one-ticket' rule with clause that will exclude the Gandhi family.

    This is the rejuvenated party which will take on BJP under great leaders of the supreme family!

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    If the party has taken a decision, I am sure that it will be applicable to all. Let us wait and see.

    Partha, let us not take the pain of adding clauses or to add what has not been said. Congress is not a new born baby in Indian politics. Speaking about family, dynasty and what not, it would be worthwhile to give it a thought as to what BJP would be without Shri Modi and Shah Pvt Ltd leadership.

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    I read about this in newspapers. But still not taken a final decision. But I read somewhere that this will not make Gandhi's family members be away from the party as they are already active in the party. So this rule may not be applicable to people who are already active in the party. But if any MP or MLA wants any of his family members to be considered for a position the new entrant should work in the party for a minimum period of time. We have to wait and see for the final version to understand the concept fully. But I am sure that the Congress party will not take any decision at this point in time that will go against Sonia Gandhi or RG or Priyanaka.
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    Saji Sir, what I wrote is taken from NDTV Breaking News. I don't have any contribution in this. If you want, I can share the link for your convenience.
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    Congress party has go a long way to attract the new entrants taking active interest in the development process of the country. The active workers need to examine the pressing needs of corrections to be made and the same is to be followed religiously. Of course conducting meetings time to time of political bosses is important and let us how there is a change in the grass root level. Though the meeting of the party was held of the top bosses of the congress, nothing emerged which could be boasted of bigger achievements. Instead of the diversion of the views, they should be coherent in approach. Only the upcoming time will indicate how this party is going to survive.

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    Congress has lost miserably in the political arena during the past few years and the deterioration is continuing. Now they want to control the damage done to the party. One family one ticket seems to be an effort in that direction only. They have to adopt this policy from the top only if they want to get something out of this new idea. If they give chance to new generation and remove the old people then we can say that the party can start coming back to some sound footing in the near future. Today people in India want a good and strong opposition party which can give a tough fight to BJP. If Congress can come up to that expectation then it can take that place and only then it can come back to its earlier glory.
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    What is the definition of a family? That is also very important. A married son and his mother may not be considered the same family. Similarly married brothers and married sisters will never belong to the same family. So RG is from a different family. He never belongs to Sonia Gandhi's family. He is married and staying separately. Priyanka Gandhi is married and staying separately. So for these three, there will not be any problem even though one family one ticket rule comes also. Only RG's wife can't ask for a ticket. Similarly, PG's husband can't ask for a ticket.
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    When they hold the title of Gandhi with their name that pronounce the family legacy of one family.
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