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    Can soybean products be an alternative to dairy foods?

    Non-vegetarian food should be 20 or 30 percent of our daily diet. But there are many, who do not eat fish meat, then what did they take? We can also get a lot of non-vegetarian vitamins from milk, milk products, bean seeds, nuts, gram, soybeans, peas, Barbati, various vegetable seeds, etc. Many doctors nowadays are saying to abstain from milk and dairy products. In that case, soybean milk, or tofu can be used as an alternative to milk products. Because soybeans are rich in protein, calcium, and many more vitamins. Milk and dairy products from soybeans are also being marketed commercially nowadays. Therefore, its use is very effective, especially in the case of diabetic and heart patients. So we can take all soybean products for good health. What do you think?
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    The soybean is very rich in proteins. It is the cheapest source of these proteins. It is a part of the diet for many people and animals in different parts of the world. The seed contains 17 per cent oil and around 40 per cent of protein. They contain no starch. They are good for diabetic patients.
    These beans are extensively consumed in the form of milk. The milk of these seeds will be a whitish liquid. They make it thick also like a curd. Soy Sauce, a salty brown liquid, is an important ingredient in Asian cooking. Soybeans can also be a part of vegetable salads and some eat soybeans after boiling them.
    Definitely, they are good for proteins and even kids can also be given the foods made out of this item and they are good for their health. Anybody can use them in place of milk and milk products and soy milk is becoming popular. But the taste of these products is something different and many people may not like the taste. Even mushrooms are good for proteins.

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    I do not think the people would shift towards Soyabean instead of dairy products. Milk and milk products have become part and parcel of our daily life and the end products like butter, ghee are the ultimate taste and even it is used for good and even for havan during the death ceremonies. When there is no shortage of milk, and having its best quality for the health, why should be a change in the people preference for the soybeans. May be it is the vested interest of the some companies which has the soya farms and wants to promote their sales in big way and thus this overtures. Moreover the small children are fond of milk and milk products and I doubt soyabean cannot match with all preparations from the milk. These same doctors once were promoting the milk in big way and now why the shift cannot be understood.
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