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    When artificial jewels are adorable and affordable, why go for gold?

    When you visit the Charminar area in Hyderabad, the biggest attraction is the lady's jewels, pearls, locket sets, glass bangles and the overall artificial jewellery. They are different in colors and new in fashion. The fresh designs tempts the ladies to make a beeline to these push cart vendors selling these items. The ear drops are as cheap as 20 rupees per set and glass bangles with pearls inserted are 100 for four bangles in different designs and colors. The collections are huge, adorable and affordable. This is just about Hyderabad and I am sure one will find such collections in other cities too. That being so, why do we go for gold which is expensive?
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    Why gold? Whatever money you spend on purchasing gold is not an expenditure. That is what people feel. It is an investment. Thus gold purchase is having dual reasons. One is a safe investment and the second one is that you can make your spouse happy as she is getting good ornaments for her. The gold price will be always increasing and in case of any emergency, you can keep that in a bank and get a loan. So we should not think purchasing gold is a waste when artificial jewels are adorable and affordable. These items are not having resale value and whatever money you have spent is spent forever. The longevity of these products is also less and no sooner they will lose their beauty. The item is to be thrown away and we have to purchase a new one. Such an issue will never arise in case of gold and gold items. My father purchased gold at the rate of Rs.4/- per gram today it is Rs. 5000/-. Almost 1000 times increase in a span of 70 years.
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    Gold is a very valuable item. It is not only durable but its shining remains forever. Gold has a history of increasing value. I remember during 1992-95 it was costing Rs 3500 for 10 gram and today it is costing about Rs 52000 for 10 gram. So it becomes a very good attraction for investment also. Women like gold because of its shining and jewellery designs and men like it for its investment growth potential.
    Artificial jewellery is useful only for limited time as it loses its sheen within a few months of its usage. For those who cannot afford gold this is a good option. It is cheaper and serves the purpose on a temporary basis.

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    The author has raised a very interesting thread. Women have been fond of adorning themselves with jewelry for ages. Gold in nowadays bought only for investment purpose. The jewelry is locked in the bank and safely kept. As the author has said, plenty of artificial ornaments are sold in all major cities and towns in India. Even the brides use imitation ornaments which look better than gold. For example, my sister's daughter is getting married in a city out of her hometown and has decided not to carry much of gold and purchased artificial ornaments which look as good as gold. In fact, it is very difficult to identify whether the jewelry is fake or real.The modern women of today have decided to park their money in fixed deposits or even invest in stock as they avoid wearing gold ornaments and are happy wearing fashionable imitation jewelry.

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