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    What was your most prolonged single sitting for reading any book?

    Many students spend hours in a single sitting for studies. Similarly, many people find some such fascinating novels that they continue to read till the end. I have done both. I continued studying course books for several hours during my student days, especially during the nights when the slightest noise and disturbances exit.

    I have spent many hours in the reading rooms and libraries and have read novels until I finished. Many detective stories and classical books are so engaging that it is difficult to put them down. Sometimes, I continued reading till the wee hours.

    What was your most prolonged single sitting for reading any book? Was it at any library or home? Was it during night or daytime?
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    Twenty years back one of my friend has donated me A volume of World book and Childcraft book. The A volume of world book has so many pages with images, illustrations and detailing and I took many hours with single sitting reading the same and that was very interesting. I was not known about Aboriginal tribe and I came to know about the same. Likewise the archer fish would shoot for its prey from the water and the target would fall on the water and that would catch hold and eat. Like this there are many information hidden in those books and it would be nice if we read all the twenty seven volumes. There is a library near my house and they are having the total set, but whenever I go, the books were gone for the circulation and thus missing. Surely good books are to be read in single sitting otherwise we may not read at all.
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    I was also spending a lot of time reading books. I used to read many detective books and I was finishing one book in almost about 90 minutes. There were instances when I read three such books in a row without stopping. This I did during my spare time after completing my B.Sc before joining M.Sc. During my M.Sc, I and my roommate used to spend 6 to 8 hours the night reading the subject books. We used to start reading about 9 PM and continued up to 5 AM.
    I have no patience to read for such a long duration now but I will spend at least one hour reading some spiritual books every day in the morning. Slowly the reading habit is coming down and not able to concentrate more on reading continuously.

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    I cannot differentiate between my long duration of one sitting of these two books 2020 revolution by Chetan Bhagat and Fire wings of Kalam ji. These two books i read it in one stretch just only answering nature calls. Other things like eating drinking taken care of my beloved mom by bringing them to my sitting place itself. This may not happen again in my lifetime as I have lost my mom two years back and that is the reason I was away from my normal routines of reading writing etc.
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    During my childhood, I developed an interest in reading books and thanks to the Govt library near my house I could get so many books from there for the reading. When I was in my college I started reading novels and other books which were voluminous. That time I was able to devote 2-3 hours daily to reading and if a book happened to be very interesting I even went to a single sitting of 5-6 hours. In that library, there were Hindi translations of many renowned books by foreign writers and after going through them I had a liking for the foreign books also and once my English improved I started to go through the original books in English. It was only after joining a job that my reading hours were reduced and today after my retirement from the active service they have come down significantly and are practically replaced with the writing sessions. I remember reading some voluminous books like Chandrakanta in one sitting which was in the Hindi language. As my reading speed in English was comparatively lower than the Hindi, I could not finish any English book in one sitting.
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    I love book reading always. If the novel or story is found interested, I will not breath and finish in one sitting. One day my brother showed me a detective novel he took from local library. I got it from him and finished in 45 minutes as the book contains 300 pages.

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