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    Sensing anti-incumbency and effecting change of CM

    It is the matter of fact that every state govt should last for 5 years term and first year goes for rejigging the entire cabinet, second year goes for identifying the problematic areas, third year goes for initiating the development, fourth year goes for monitoring the projects and fifth year goes for preparation to next elections. But if the CM does not work properly and anti-incumbency sets in, surely damage control need to be done by effecting change of leadership and new CM installed. Is this a good practice to gain the confidence of the voters who are about to think negative of the govt.?
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    These days party president seat and CM seat are occupied by the same person in many states and parties. In AP YSR, in Telangana KCR and TN Stalin. They are the supreme in their party and the government. No MLA or No MLC can say against them. So where is the question of anti-incumbency and effecting change of CM?
    When the top man is not doing well, the other members should be able to talk to him openly and they should be able to ask him to step out. Then only there will be discipline in the government and all the ministers and others will work sincerely. But corruption sets in at every level, and nobody will worry about anti-incumbency and try to make hay while the sun shines.
    A stable government in the centre is always good for the nation and there should be a regular watch on the performance of the ministers and if necessary there should be a change at all levels to see that country will develop.

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    This is an interesting observation by the author. If a state Government is not able to do work within the 5 years given to it then who will vote for it again. 5 years is not a small period. If the winning party wants they can start the work right from the day one. If they do not work and only plan for winning the next tenure then they are wasting the time and they should be blamed for all the setbacks and failures of all the projects which were supposed to be taken by them in time. I think that voters should not pardon these people who are not working and wasting the time just like that. They are wasting the tax payers money. It is unforgivable.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Now the Ministers in Jagan cabinet are facing the hostile crowds when they visit their constituency.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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