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    Can women's independence be one of the reasons for the extinction of the joint family?

    The joint family is on the verge of extinction today but it is a very old family tradition in Indian culture. In our society, we often see a picture of a mother-in-law-wife-husband quarreling over household expenses. The wives of the husbands who earn more money want to be separated from the family and the wife who earns less money suffers a lot even after doing a lot of work in the family. Nowadays many brides are also engaged in various earning activities like husbands. And for the most part, they believe in the concept of a happy little family. So I think it is very important for the wives to be united in maintaining the joint family system. Because the benefits of a joint family are not unknown to any of us. For the sake of the age, we have come out of the joint family, and not only are we harming the children, but we are also pushing ourselves into abysmal darkness. Due to the influence of Bad culture, lack of good education, and breaking the web of socio-family restrictions, different subcultures have spread like viruses from house to house.
    Over time, that is likely to change further. Can the old tradition come back?
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    it is true that it is always good to live in a joint family with elders and cousins as everything is shared and enjoyed by all the members happily. But, why blame only the women for the trend where in we find many families living in nuclear families? I think transfer or the husband getting a job in a place away from his home town are the main reason for breaking up of joint families. For example, when a married gentleman who had been working and living in a joint family is suddenly transferred to a different city, it is obvious that he takes only his children and wife along with him leaving behind other family members. In such a situation the women should not be pointed a finger at. I do agree that the changes happening affect our culture in a negative way. However, some family members who live in nuclear families even now celebrate festivals together and try to be with their grandparents and in-laws so that their children can learn the tradition and learn how the festivals are celebrated. In my opinion, the married people should inculcate good human values which are part of our Indian culture at a very early age itself and take them to temples and teach them the importance of following age- old traditions which have been passed over to us by our forefathers.

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    When wife is also earning then it is possible that it may to some extent contribute for disintegration of a joint family but it is not the only cause. The main reason is the westernisation of our culture and reduction in discipline in joint families. Earlier, I remember distinctly that the head of the family even if had told something wrong peope never objected to that and kept silent. Today the situation is totally different and head of the family thinks twice before telling anything. The present situation is only the culmination of a changing society around us that started a few decades back.
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    The joint family system was possible when there was a single source of income for the entire family under one head of the family. The farmer's and trader's families were typical examples. However, with the population growth, people started migrating to cities for jobs because the family agricultural land proved insufficient. The disparity in the brothers' income gave rise to the idea of getting separated, and the earner's families also started migrating to the cities.
    Later, when women started earning, this further added fuel to the fire.

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    Invariably I have seen that as soon as marriage done to the son and if it happens to be the joint family the uneasiness between the daughter in law and the mother in law fuel from smaller face off to the bigger quarrel and ultimately lead to separation from the family and leading the independent life. Since the girl is brought up with lots of care and love by the parents she expects same from the inlaws and that is not always possible and thus fuming inside the girl would stoop to the level of separating the family from husband and start living independently. Such is the planning of some daughter in laws that they would not even show the grand child to the mother in law and father in law. This kind of cunning attitude is always present in the girls who had the freedom life in the mothers place and thus feels choking at the husband's house.
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    In the olden days, in many families, women are confined to the house only. Gents used to go out. So the ladies in the house only are staying together for more time. But gents will be returning only in the night. Another thing is, that all the brothers are born to the same parents. But their wives are from different family backgrounds. Their habits will be different and their brought-ups are different. So their thoughts will be different and their mindset will be different.
    These days brothers are leaving their native places due to their jobs and automatically the joint families are getting separated. But as long as their parents are alive and living in one place all the brothers with their families will get together at least two or three times in a year. I feel this is much better as they will have a good understanding and if any emergency is there they will help each other. If all the time they are forced to live together unnecessary rifts will develop.

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    There are many reasons for the extinction of the joint family system. You can't blame women's independence only. The important reason behind it is to get a job very far from the house. Many times, it happens due to the transfer of job. In such a situation, the gents person goes with their wife and children only and leaves the remaining family. It is also true that in many families when the wife starts earning then she wants to be separated from the inlaws because she wants independent life. The housewife also doesn't want to live in a joint family as she has to work hard for all family members. Besides, Today's generation has a very less patience level and adjustment nature. So, it is very difficult for them to cope with a joint family.

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