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    Will Rahul Gandhi be either arrested or made not eligible to contest future elections?

    Today is the third day in a row and Rahul Gandhi has been questioned at the ED office for over 20 hours in last two days and there is likely of further quizzing him today. In between the break time he is meeting his mother and taking her views on the questioning. It may be noted here that Sonia Gandhi has been hospitalized for Covid treatment. It seems ED has been making progress to prove its strong case on National Herald against Rahul Gandhi and would even arrest him and also make him not eligible to contest the General elections. Any comment?
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    I don't think ED will do that. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was involved in many cases and ED has taken over some of his assets also. But it never stopped him from contesting in ecletions and becoming the Chief Minister. The cases are not proved and there is no question of proving them so easily. So there will not be any problem to Rahul Gandhi to contest in election even though ED arrests him. People in Jail can contest in elections and win. Earlier there were some such cases. So let us not think very much about these cases and nothing is going to happen and Rahul Gandhi will contest the elections.
    Generally, these cases go for years together and finally the leaders will be released saying that the charges are not proved. But the leader will be having mental agony and he may not be able to concentrate much on his work and may lose track of things that are happening around.

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