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    How much do you know about Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan?

    Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan is the current Governor of Telangana and holds additional charge of the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. Before becoming the Governor, she was the National Secretary and Tamilnadu State Unit President of BJP.

    She is a medical doctor with a specialization in obstetrics and gynaecology. Her children, one son and one daughter, are also doctors. The multi-ethnic advisory task force, USA, has awarded her 'International Rising Star of the Year – 2018' in recognition of her work in gender equality and woman empowerment. Her father, Kumari Ananthan, is a former Member of Parliament and a senior Congress leader in Tamilnadu.

    How much do you know about Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan? Let us know more about Indian personalities like her?
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    What the author given about her credentials are perfectly right and over and above we do not have any information about her. What I know that she got this coveted governor post at the young age and now looking after two states and that is the huge responsibility. Being our state governor, I do not see she working in the concerned direction. Being the award winner for the gender equality and women empowerment her silence on the matters of children and women rape in Telangana really bothers everyone. By now she should have spearheaded and brought the justice to the affected persons. She just asked for the report from the police and they should have submitted it. When the justice is delayed for the affected person, the governor should have interfered on the first day itself and she has been keeping distance.
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    I immensely admire this educated lady for her determination and her inclination towards social service. But, if Kailash Kumar Sir goes through old Forum posts of a particular member of ISC, he will find that the erudite member often made uncharitable comments against Dr. Tamilsai. I always had a desire to challenge the member whenever he attacked Dr. Tamilsai, but, I always controlled myself.

    I am glad that Kailash Kumar Sir has now raised the issue.

    The same member of ISC is now attacking another excellent politician, who is a former IPS officer, only because he joined BJP.

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    We know this madam as kind, efficient doctor first. Secondly we,myself and my brother's daughter in a campaign of corona awareness, Madam without thinking my brother's daughter as a child, very kindly explained about the Kabasura kudineer and gave to us.

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    Thanks to the author for giving a piece of good information about the present Telangana Governor but never knowing that she received an award for her work for gender equality. The present Telangana ruling party is not giving her the needed support or importance and does not at all respect her as she originally belonged to BJP and BJP is gaining strength in this state. She made a complaint to the centre. But as a governor, she has not taken any harsh decision against TRS or the State government. She may be shifted to another state I feel.
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