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    Understand the real meaning of self-love

    These days there are many books available in the market which are written by motivational authors and these books are needed by every person at least once in his life. There are moments in every person's life when one gets disappointed and in such a moment, if no one supports, then such motivational books come out as a boon. Nowadays, books, YouTube videos, articles, etc. are also available.

    In most such articles or books, we often come across the term which is "self-love", which simply means to love oneself. It talks about the love in which we adapt ourselves to our shortcomings and stay motivated. But some people take its negative meaning and make their bad habits their identity and start including them in the basis of self-love.

    Self-love doesn't say keep bad habits to yourself, but it is love that inspires you to love yourself and make yourself your own favorite. The one who is loved is also improved, so if you love yourself, then understand yourself and gradually become better. No one is perfect in the world, so surely as long as there is life, we should keep trying to improve ourselves.
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    In other words the author says pat yourself back to get rid of negative thoughts from others and keep moving. It is good habit of self loving and that proves that we are adaptable to changes and wants. Not that we are loving everything about us. We have to hate the bad things done by us, we have to hate the cheating done by us and we have to love all the good things that are being done. In big companies the self report has to be written and that implies your sincere approach to your own life, misgivings during the work, how you failed and how you have been helped in the organization that was solely responsible to bring in greater changes and performance within you. We have to be ruthless to ourselves for the wrong doings and that would be right probing.
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    Yes. We should love ourselves. Self-love is very important. We should take care of ourselves. We should keep our bodies healthy. We should appreciate ourselves and definitely tell others about our achievements. Otherwise, nobody will recognise our achievements. Every person will have his own merits and demerits. If we identify our demerits we should work in such a way that our demerits will get converted into our merits. But loving ourselves does not mean that we can be bad also. That is not the correct way. We should analyse ourselves and if there are any weaknesses, we should work on those aspects and see that they will become our strong points and those efforts will make us strong. Self-appraisal and correction are a part of self-love.
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    Loving oneself is not a simple task because for that a great degree of happiness and satisfaction is required in one's life. This will also require ourselves to see our own entity from outside. It is obvious that when we see ourself from outside we would find many vices and shortcomings in us. How would it be possible to love ourselves in such a situation? From this logic it simply follows that for establishing self-love one has to try to remove the bad habits and other vices from oneself. That is the reason why many motivational Gurus advise us to go for self-love. They very well know that there are some pre requisites before achieving the state of self-loving.
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    We should love ourselves, and going even beyond, we should respect ourselves. We have to take care of our bodies to stay healthy. Regular physical exercises and keeping our body clean is the first step in this direction. Our parents used to take care of our bodies during infancy and childhood. But, after growing up, we must take care of our bodies ourselves. We must avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking excessive alcoholic drinks, drug consumption, etc., and follow a disciplined daily routine.

    We are lucky to be born a human and have to be proud of this fact.
    Self-confidence and self-reliance are nothing but loving and respecting ourselves.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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