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    Ego and attitude are breaking relationships

    Generally, ego and attitude are used in a negative sense. In present times, I'm noticing that most relationships are weakening, whether in the office or at home. Our society is full of egoistic people. As a result, most family relationships, whether it is between parent-child, in-laws, siblings or husband-wife are breaking down. People are compelled to live alone because they are not able adjust with each other. People who have egos and attitudes are full of false pride. Such kind of people never believe in compromise or feel sorry. Their mental state never allow them to bow down even in front of an aged person. New generation people are forgetting the importance of value education because of ego and attitude. What is your opinion about it?

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    There are people who are very egoistic. They always think that they are great and always correct. They feel others are in no way near to them. They always think that they need not learn anymore. Such people will get spoiled easily. These people with egos may not come up in their lives. Some people develop an egoistic nature once they come to a powerful position. That is will be the end of their powerful career and they may not progress further. Ego comes with money. Rich people will be more egoistic than poor people.
    When a person wants to have well-wishers and helping hands, they should be good with other people. They should have a cooperative attitude and adjust themselves to other people. Such people will enjoy the support of many people. If the attitude is selfish, the other people may not come near to such people. A good and amicable attitude will value to an individual.

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    The egoism is going to next level as at every given opportunity the people are showing their tantrums that their views and matters are good and great and others are just damp squib. When both husband and wife works, the ego starts from the very first day of their marriage as to how they take care of family and what would be set of duties to be performed by each one of them. Here also when they are seperated from the parents the involvement of wife side parents in every issue would bother the husband and wise versa. There should be broader understanding of each issue and matter before escalating to next level. Sometimes the relations gets strained and even to the extent of getting divorce. The best part is to ignore the ego and just go ahead with the work in hand and that would make other person to realize.
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    Ego is definitely the enemy of our relationships but it is not that we are not aware of the same.What to talk of others, we can even see the cases of egoism between husbands and wives especially when both the couples are in their jobs and under that situation, problem starts of assignments of responsibilities in their domestic fronts such arranging tiffin for the school going children, payment of school fees and so on. There is no end to such minor issues and ultimately because of such egoistic attitudes, relationships weaken. Despite such deterioration of the relationships, they don't feel sorry and for them it is difficult to shed their egoistic attitudes. Wherever we go, we could witness such attitudes among the people. Though in the rural areas, the same is minimum but on the other, in the cities especially in the affluent classes, they cannot shed this negative traits.

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