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    When we habituated to praises we cannot digest criticisms

    The mentality of human being is very cunning. That we are habituated to praises and wants the accolades be pouring in from all quarters and from everyone but not withstanding and understanding the fact that our works may have some drawback and those who watch us from the close quarters and who are more concerned about our name and fame also takes the liberty to criticise us in person or public. So when we are ready to take praises, and be ready to confront the criticism with same degree of acceptance.
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    Actually, we should pay attention more to the criticism we are receiving from other people. By paying attention to such criticism we will understand our drawbacks and we will have a chance to correct our mistakes and improve our performance. By taking applauds into our minds, we should not become overconfident. That will our failures and our downfall will start. One should hear what others say and analyse their points and if there is any real point, take it out and try to adopt the corrections so that your performance will improve. If we give more importance to the appreciation we received. we may not progress if we think we are great and stop polishing the axe.
    Let us not get more inspired by the praises we receive from others. Always try to know where you stand and never lose ground.

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    Tolerating criticism is not an easy thing. Very few people can take it boldly. As regards praise, everyone likes it. It is actually as per the basic human nature and there is nothing unusual in it.
    It is said that a person can learn to ignore and not bother for the criticism done by so many people then by doing that he can be free from any hurt feeling caused by the criticism. When a person becomes successful then naturally many people feel jealous of him and start criticising him without any reason. Successful people generally do not bother for the criticism on them made by others.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Whenever such thoughts comes in my mind, the two person which comes in my mind is PM Modi and Opposition Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi. Since they are in politics, I have never seen a day pass when in social media criticism is not done for them. Anything they do become a news in negative. I really surprised by the way they both handle all these without showing any anger publicly. They both are the biggest example as how to take criticism and move on next day. We should learn from them.

    However, as author has mentioned we should take criticism if it is really the fact and learn from it.

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    In Bagavat Gita Lord Krishna stress in human about the 'sthithaprakjan' which means being neutral in the situations both praise and criticism. Though it is very difficult in humans to keep themselves as 'Sthithaprakjan', to the possible extent we can hold ourselves so, in order to protect ourselves from unknown worries and problems. Moreover if one come for public service, the praise and criticisms are high in volume and the neutrality is important.

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    Everybody wants glorification in some way or other. Criticism is a bitter pill that people do not want to receive from anyone. A person who buttresses another person might have a hidden agenda to receive a favor. On the other hand, a person who points out the mistakes is the well-wisher who wants you to be careful in future. One should learn to face brickbats and exaltation equally so that he or she can learn how to balance life. For example, youngsters of today post their pictures and wait for likes and admiration. They get elated when they find the number of likes very high in number. However, there are some who dislike their pictures which would surely make them dejected.

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