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    How can I improve my reading skills ?

    Which books and what techniques should I apply to improve my reading skills?
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    When you are asking how to improve the reading skills, it implies that how to know big words and pronounce it and write it. When we were the school children, the teacher has taught us to split the words and then join to know the big words and even to how to write. For simply reading habit, you can try the editorials of daily news paper which has good vocabulary adding and how the sentences are made with the new words. How the headings are created in the news paper and how the five main ingredients are added to give us the full news. For example who, what, where, how and when are the five basic things through which a news revolves and if that is known even in making any content, we can create great writing habits. By the way keep talking with others to improve the talking proficiently and that would pave way for good reading and writing skills.
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    Reading and understanding any subject thoroughly needs plenty of practice. When you appear for a mandatory test to go abroad such as IELTS and TOEFL, the candidates are supposed to answer a significant number of questions in a limited time. Under such a situation, candidates are advised to learn the art of skimming and scanning so that they could answer the questions fast and perfectly. However, when you read for other purpose, you need to read carefully, first the heading and try to understand the subject. Usually, any passage or lesson is divided into paragraphs. The main idea of the paragraphs will be there in the first and second lines. The following lines will just be elaborations of the idea with examples. Often, the author concludes the paragraph with what is conveyed in the first line. There will be a conclusion where the author would give his own opinion or say something about what would happen in the future related to his subject.

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    Saba, before answering your query, let me once again suggest you to read and understand the guidelines for posting forum threads. Please note that you should give a descriptive text while raising threads so that the reader gets a clear idea of what you want to say. We generally do not entertain one-liners but are allowing the same for the time being since you are a new member. If I am not mistaken, I had suggested to you in response to another thread that you must go through the comprehensive guide for new members and also all the contents to which a clickable link has been provided therein. Hope you will show some interest and put in efforts to learn about this site.

    Coming to your query, I would say that the easiest way to improve your reading skills would be to start reading. If you do not have the habit of reading but would like to develop the same, start reading. Read whatever you can, right from the contents in a piece of news paper or notice in which something you buy from the kirana store has been wrapped to whatever you can put your hands on. You can start with contents in your local language to begin with because it will help you to get connected faster. Read out aloud if you find difficulty in focusing on what you have in hand. You might not feel any interest initially and may not even understand what you are reading. But don't stop the practice.

    You need to develop a liking for letters and words. It is the interest that you develop that would ultimately help you improve. Once you develop the habit of just going through any written content, you will start experiencing a liking for a particular type of content. Don't go for serious writings in the beginning. It can kill your enthusiasm. Start with jokes in your local news papers or magazines, move on to some comic books, then some short stories and so on. Start reading the forum threads and responses in this site and move on to articles as the next step. You will definitely start feeling the change gradually. By improving your reading habits and gradually increasing the level of your reading and understanding capability, you will be automatically improving your language in total.

    Once you start feeling that reading is giving you some pleasure, you will start realizing your areas of interest. Don't force yourself. You must read only what you enjoy reading. That will help you to stay connected to letters and you will be able to develop your reading skills.

    So, start reading whatever you can. Don't wait for the right moment to come because there is no such moment. Before concluding, I hope you have read my response, a bit lengthy I suppose, in total.

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    What is your mother tongue? Which language is more interesting to you? Select any one language from your answers to these two questions. Start any book which is very basic in nature and the subject is interesting to you. Start reading. By the time you finish one or two books. your interest in reading will increase with Continue reading for some days. Then your interest in reading will increase.
    Many of us stopped writing but our habit of speaking continues. To improve our reading skills we may have to start talking with more and more people. As you start speaking you will find that your English speaking and reading abilities will definitely go up.

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    Saba Sultana, welcome to this educational portal, please feel free anything you want to discuss here with the members but please write a slightly more elaborate post as what you want to discuss. As the Lead Editor has already suggested go through the posting guidelines and make your post according to that. Try to avoid one-liner posts in future. Just to tell you that this is a very interesting portal if you have an interest in creative writing and information updates about the schools. colleges, and universities in our country. So take your own time and go through the material available under various sections in this portal and enjoy your journey here.
    Coming to your query regarding improvement in reading what I would suggest is first you try to read what interests you as that will give you an initial boost and push for reading. In the beginning, your speed will be less and once your vocabulary increases then you will find reading a pleasant activity. If you have an interest in stories then reading short stories is what many people try in the initial phase of the reading improvement programme. There are many articles on this site which are written in a very simple language and they are full of knowledge and information and you can try to go through them to master the art of good reading practices.

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    Thank you everyone yeah sure I will make sure I will elaborate thread from now on wards

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    You have not mentioned which language you are finding is difficult. I guess it is English if it is so then I would suggest you to buy comics book which is easier for you to start reading. When you finding any difficult words, mark or note it down and later you practice the word. Nowadays, everyone having smartphones and using messaging app. So, start typing in the English instead of your own mother tongue, this will help you to learn faster. Start with small step, like reading one paragraph at a time and then increase it with your practice.

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