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    Should the government's social welfare schemes be linked to the number of children people have?

    Many people believe that the children are God's gift. Therefore, the government has nothing to do with the number of children people have. However, many others say that the government welfare schemes should invariably be linked to the number of children. Such people argue that an unrestrained increase in population puts strain on the available resources resulting in poverty and underdevelopment of the nation.

    What are your comments about the issue? Should government have any role in the family size by making policies regarding the same? There is one related issue also. Should people refrain from having children or prefer only one child, which is also likely to cause disbalance in the social composition?
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    For that matter the National production and distribution ration program of the central govt is providing the rice or wheat to the card holders based on the members count in the family and here comes the big problem. In some communities the members of family are more and swelling and the govt has to shell out more quantity and there has been protest by those who get less quantity because they do not have children at all. The best thing is to arrive at the conclusion as to who are all poor by the virtue of their monthly earnings and the house members and that would bring the greater idea as to whether the family is eligible for the social welfare schemes or it can be stopped because some families are well off as their earnings are more and concealed to the govt. And as said by the author one child family be given greater thrust.
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    It will be good if really the government implement the same. But in India, it is not possible. The ruling party can't take any chance decisions. Other parties will not cooperate. Secularism and secular forces will come into the picture. Actually, the government should say that no government jobs for the parents who are having more than one or two children. They can also link welfare schemes to the number of children. Parents having more than two children should not be given any social welfare schemes.
    In India, we can't bring in discipline mainly due to the vote politics. If you want votes you have to play with unnecessary issues to divide the people. Nobody is interested in the welfare of the nation. So the things will be like this only and we have to carry on with the existing practices.

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    Whatever progress a country makes is all useless if it's population is large and is increasing day by day. Population control is the need of the hour today. If we control the population successfully that is restricting one child per parent then we can definitely improve and progress in comparison of the developed countries. The problem in our country is that there are many groups which do not agree to this doctrine and say that they will have as many children as they want. This is ridiculous and hampering the progress of the country. Due to the stiff opposition government is not able to take a concrete decision in the matter of population control.
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    It is very sensitive matter for some particular religion and I don't think current Government will take any kind of action on it. However, unless the people of India do not take any step in the matter, nothing is going to happen. This is our responsibilities to think about this serious matter called population.

    We all understand that the less population is the more we get progress but it has to be realized by people of this country. Government can't do for each and everything when it is well known fact with us that any decision is taken by the current government, it become a political issue. We have seen it during Kissan bill, we have seen it during CAA and now Agnipath scheme.

    If we need to really control this, all political party has to be united and take a call else there would be another violence no one can stop.

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