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    Father is not just some other person

    On this Father's day my greetings to all the fathers of this world who have been toiling silently for the wellbeing of the family and yet sometimes they are sidelined when it comes to taking some important decisions as the children get more friendly with the mother and take it granted that father won't mind in agreeing to their decisions. This is wrong. Father would never be an enemy of children and every big decision should go through the approval of the father and that makes the family more inclusive and meaningful without any difference of opinion.
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    I read in a book that a father is from the eyes of the son:
    In his five years of age, 'My father is great'
    In his twelve years, 'He knows some thing but not to my level'
    In his eighteen years,' He knows nothing'
    In his twenty two years,'I know more than him, his thoughts were old one'
    In his thirty years (after marriage),'Why he is interfering in our privacy, let him stay on one side'
    In his forty five years,'He knows more things than me by his experience'
    In his fifty years,'my father is great'
    In his sixty years,'I missed my father most'

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    Ramachandran, your response added value to my content and the importance of father is recognized only at the fag end of their age.
    K Mohan
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    I wish all the members of ISC a happy Father's day today.
    In our culture, a mother is being given a very important position in our lives and the father will come only after her. I agree that the mother carried us in her womb but the father will carry us on his shoulders many times during our childhood and he will suffer more than anybody in making us happy. Many of them may not be very expressive and may be silent well-wishers. So we can't undermine them and we should be thankful and grateful to them forever. It is the responsibility of the son to take care of his father in his oldage. Mother and father are Visible Gods and we should respect and worship them always. We should see that they will be happy in their last days of life.

    always confident

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    Happy father's day to everyone. Father is generally the head of the family and his guidance to the family members and contribution to the well being of family cannot be denied. He not only earns for the family but also takes care of it in all respects.
    I remember the time of my childhood when my father was always asking me if I wanted anything in connection with my studies or otherwise. Though we belonged to a lower middle class family at that time but my father never let me feel any problem of course within the financial boundaries he had. Today I am realising how much sacrifice he did for our welfare and well being. It is beyond imagination. When I got a job then I started sending him money every month to help him to cope up with the increased pressure of the family but he kept all that money aside and after 4-5 years at the time of my marriage he told me that all the money that I had sent to him is kept in a bank and is available now for the marriage function. Who can forget such things in one's life? Father is the great saviour.

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    Nature or God has assigned prominent roles to the mother and the father. The mother must carry and nurture the fetus in her womb and continue caring for the baby until it becomes self-dependent. The father provides security to the mother and the baby and arranges food and other essentials. Though both parents have started earning money nowadays, the father's role cannot be undermined.

    The father is the only person in the universe who wishes his son to progress more than himself.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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