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    Do you know about the doorstep delivery of diesel oil?

    Nowadays, many companies are offering doorstep delivery of diesel oil. The customer has to download the App of the seller company and order diesel oil online. A specially designed tanker equipped with a diesel dispensing unit comes to the customer's place and delivers diesel on the spot. Such vehicles are described as mobile petrol pumps in the media. However, refueling vehicles is not allowed at the location. Instead, such doorstep delivery is meant for stationary equipment like generator sets and heavy construction machinery like giant cranes, etc., that cannot come to the diesel pump to take delivery of the diesel.

    Have you heard about such an online service? Presently, doorstep delivery of petrol is not permitted because that is highly flammable and fraught with grave danger.
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    Recently, many apps have come out that are making life easier but lazier too. So far I have known such apps which deliver anything or everything in 19 minutes as they say. However, I have not heard of such an app so far that is delivering diesel oil. If it is so, we do not know in the coming time what an all app will come to provide the services. So far even if you need to cut your hair, you have an app, if you need to clean your house, you have the app. I would not be surprised if the next app can come up that can come and feed you so that you do not need to use your hand to feed yourself.

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    I know about mobile petrol pumps and there was a thread about these petrol pumps here long back, I remember. But I never know about this app. These days all items are getting delivered to our doorsteps. Now if petrol ad diesel also gets delivered to our place, nothing like it. But as mentioned by the author, you can't call the mobile tanker to come to you for filling in your vehicle. It is not allowed. But in case of any emergency, delivery to fill the vehicle may also be allowed by the authorities. Sometimes we will be consuming all the diesel in the vehicle and it is stopped. In such case, if the mobile petrol pump can come and fill in my vehicle. Our life will become easy. I think still this is not very popular and in the coming days we can see many mobile petrol pumps on the roads and we can get the product to our house any moment of time.
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    It is not a new one as many things coming to our doorstep. On the one hand we can appreciate that people are using this type of service as employment and a good breadwinner. On the other hand it makes people so lazy, as hospitals and jails are making oneself aloof, can we prefer to stay?
    Though we take it as negative sense, these type of services have some positive also. One day my younger brother came to our house and in urgency, he left his mobile phone in our house. After half an hour, he called me through his daughter's mobile and told to hand over his phone by putting in a hard cover to the person who he asked to collect. A man came to our house , collected the cover and handever to my brother in next half an hour. I came to know that it is a service from Swiggy people.

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    There are some agencies which claim to deliver diesel to our doorstep. These are basically for the generator sets that many houses or housing complexes keep in case there is a power shut down. These agencies require us to download their apps and place orders for the diesel. They even supply it in tight leak-proof containers for using the diesel at a later time. These agencies deliver the diesel in some specified areas and I am not sure whether they have a nationwide network or not. One can find that in more detail after going to their site or the mobile app. Some of these agencies are FuelBuddy, Fuel@Call, Humsafar, Fuel on Call, Indian oil mobile service etc. These agencies are slowly increasing their operations to cover more cities.
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