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    How an almost tragic incident transformed into a Happy memory

    As soon as Rina told kids about the presence of Rohit both of them came running and hugged him tightly. Sashank and Mira two kids of Rohit and Rina were the most precious little beings for them. Rohit hugged them tightly and kissed their foreheads and asked them so my lions where should we go first have you done your research for the Trip. Sashank the elder one who was in the class fifth filled with excitement spoke as loudly as he can to show his enthusiasm and knowledge about the place, yes daddy I know everything about the place let's go to the Naini lake first where we will do boating I saw it on the way to Masi's house, It is huge agreeing with him Meera also said daddy do you know Masi told me the lake look like a mango when you see from the height so let's go to the top of that mountain through the rope way.
    Seeing his kids so happy after so many days Rohit too got happy and said wow my lions have done their homework, so let me take a bath and then we will go to all the places here. Savita was looking at the whole family meeting and got cheery too. She told Rohit I have asked my husband to arrange the vehicles already he will be here in few minutes, I am so glad you were able to come these kids were not this happy earlier which they now are after seeing you.
    In the next hour Savita's husband Rahul too came and all set for the destination in their car, Kids trying to look out of the window exploring the completely different terrain from which they have come and Rina warning them again and again not to put their heads out. Suddenly in the mid of the forest a landslide happened and almost 6 to 8 vehicle got stuck their someone ahead told them the landslide will be cleared shortly in few hours, so they waited in the car singing and enjoying but as the time begin to pass the kids started to get bored but the bull dozers removing slides ahead did not budge much and as the Night begin to approach there was panic among all the tourist around One bus, three cars, 4 jeeps all full of people. Someone from behind said it is the area of Leopard we should do something, someone else said that leopard does not attack in so much of crowd, another person said who knows if he captures someone alone don't go to washroom alone.
    Now as the food items begin to deplete children in all the vehicles begin to cry in panic or got upset. Then Rohit suddenly suggest there no use of getting afraid let us all get gather around and make a camp fire and play some game out of boredom everyone agreed. Elders started gathering woods, children started to bring all their food items, some were making place clean to sit and putting mats there. And for the whole night people from various part of India shared stories, meals, jokes and partied together became very jovial environment and by the morning when the traffic cleared all kids were sleeping so no one woke them up.
    After few hours Rohit asked his kid to wakeup and see the sunrise near the Naini lake which was so beautiful that all of them watched it for few minutes mesmerized. Everyone still wondering whether last night really happened or was it just a dream how an almost tragic incident transformed into a memorable memory.
    Children too were very happy they did boating, went to rope way, zoo, temples and many other places but returning home after 3 days but all kids were talking about was that night what a fun night it was. While Rohit and Rina in the front seat were talking about did they really saw the two glimmering eyes of the Leapord that night from distance when Rohit suggested to make a camp fire or was it just an illusion because of fear, but all four of them Rohit, Rina, Rahul and Savita did saw those glimmering eyes.
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    There appears to be some confusion. As per the LE's thread -'Flash Fiction Writing Challenge- Part 2- Write a sequel and win the bumper prizes', Ms. Neelam is supposed to write a sequel to the story of Mr. Dhruba. However, she has posted a sequel to the story of Mr.Umesh. Since I have already posted a sequel to the story of Mr. Umesh, I am confused and request the LE to clarify the matter.
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    Good sequel from the author and the heading is more captivating. In general we get into happy mode when the things change from tragic to our satisfaction moment and the joy cannot be expressed and the same has been well churned out by the author in this story. For small children they need fun and enjoyment unlimited and if that is guaranteed in the life, their joy would be immense and they keep on rewinding the best happenings in the past. What ever it is the content had the aspirations, doubts, ecstasy and more over keeping the children being happy through great narration. In our real life also sometimes the tragedy which we are foreseeing to the next level of worst happening always ended to our satisfaction and joy and we share such rare moments with relatives and friends and the same was discussed here also by the children.
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    A good story from the author. When many children get together, they will enjoy themselves anywhere and at any time. That is what happened in this story. Even though they are in some problematic areas, they made themselves happy by making a campfire and playing games. It is always better to divert our attention and thinking from a problem for which no solution is there in our hands. When we divert our thinking our mind starts working in another direction and we will get relief from the thoughts of the problem.
    But the author has written a sequel to Umesh's story instead of writing to Dhruba's story. Now there will be two sequel stories to Umesh's story and no sequel to Dhruba's story.

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    Kailash, this story has been taken out of the contest by Neelam, as per her intimation in the contest announcement thread, since she had posted it by mistake and has now posted a sequel to Dhuba's story as part of the contest.
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