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    Whom do you rate the best between Lakshmana and Bharata?

    In Ramayana two characters are not discussed much because we always concentrated on the main character. Lakshmana and Bharata along with Shatrugna are the three brothers of Rama. While Lakshmana sacrificed all his pleasure and leaving his beautiful wife for the sake of accompanying his brother Rama to the forest for 14 years exile, Bharata on the other hand wholeheartedly rejected the ruling of Ayodhya bestowed on him by default by his cunning mother and thus whom would you weigh the best character between the two and give reasoning.
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    You can not "rate" these two brothers both of them have sacrificed their lives. Laksman was devoted to his elder brother Ram and they spent their time together more than Bharat and Satrughna because both the brothers were living in his grandmother's house for some time when Ram has to go to the jungle. Lakshmana, knowing that even if he goes with Rama, their two brothers will be will look after their mothers. Had those two brothers been present at that time, they might two gone along with elder brother Rama. However, when Bharat and Satrughana returned and came to know about the incident, they tried their best to bring Rama back or they too will go along with him. But, Rama was elder and when he asked Bharat and Satrughana to stay back, they have to obey him.
    All the four brothers had a very good relationships between them so there is no point to rate them. They were all doing their own duties and noting else.

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    Bharata always thought that Ram Rajya was only entitled to Ayodhya and thus he never seated on the throne and made the Rama Paduka as the presence of him to guide the administration.
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    When both of them had done such an exemplary sacrifice on their parts then it is very difficult to rate them and merit them with respect to each other. They are the great examples from the Hindi epic Ramcharitmanas.
    Laxman accompanied Rama to the jungles and the battlefield where they fought with the demon Ravana. Laxman helped his elder brother to the best of his capabilities and the war against the evil Ravana was won by them.
    On the other hand Bharat was in the advantageous position and could take the benefit of vacant throne but he chose a great path of sacrifice and kept everything for the elder brother who took the throne on returning victorious after killing the demon. The story of Ramcharitmanas is full of great moral values and inculcates a pride and sense of sacrifice and love in our lives. These stories are the great cultural heritage for us and we must take moral lessons from the great epic.

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    If somebody asks which hand is important to you, I say both hands are equally important. The answer to the question posed by the author also will be similar. We can't say one of them is more important than the other.
    Lakshman, a newly married young man, left his wife with his mother and opted to go to the forest with his brother. He sacrificed his happy and luxurious life for being with his brother.
    Bharatha, the son of Kaikayi, sacrificed his position which he got through his mother in the form of a boon given by his father to his mother. He might have ruled the country for 14 years and he might have enjoyed his life. Instead, he showed his anger at his mother for her act, went to the forest in search of his brother and brought the footwear of his brother and kept them on the King's seat. He spent a simple life and lived his life like that of his brother in the forest.
    Ramayan is an epic which shows the importance of human relations.

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    Both have their own important duties to perform and which they did with sincerity and dedication.

    I can see one like a 'nigh watchman' in cricket or 'Goal-keeper cum defender in football. The other one is one who was like a forward player or striker in football or allrounder batsman cum bowler in cricket.
    But about Bharata, I have more regard and respect , because he was offered all the power and perks but he forfeited and sacrificed all those tempting offers voluntarily. For him the duty was to take care of the country and people and keep it properly preserved and maintained and hand over to Rama intact .

    While Lakhman was living a austere life due to the compulsions of forest and exile life, Bharata was also living an austere life as per his choice even though every luxury was at his disposal.

    So Bharath stands a bit taller than Lakshmana in my view in this context.

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    In one verse of Hanuman Chalisa, Sri Ram says that Hanuman is a Bharat-like brother to me. Thus when Sri Ram describes his relationship with Hanuman, he equates him to Bharat, not Lakshmana. Thus, Sri Ram gives more weightage to Bharata than Lakshmana.

    Both Bharata and Lakshmana are epitomes of sacrifice. However, Ramayana highlights the character of Bharata to compensate for the ill behavior of his mother, Kaikeyi.

    Ramayana is a treatise on human relations. It describes the ideal relationship between brothers and all other family members. Technically, Sri Ram was a stepbrother of Lakshamana and Bharata.

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    @ Venkatiswaran sir, your reasoning to support Bharat was exclusive and immensely probed.
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    As a simple, uncomplicated man like me, all the four brothers in the Ramayana are greats in their own areas. We must try to follow them in every aspect of life.
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    My vote goes to Bharat. He ruled the kingdom for his brother during his absence but never sat on the throne. He waited for Rama to return and very happily returned the throne on his return. ( We no longer have such Bharats now).

    Coming to Laxman, though he sacrificed his family and the pleasures of the palace to accompany Lord Rama on his exile, I feel that he forgot his responsibility as a husband and duty towards his wife. We should consider the plight of Urmila also while assessing Laxman. Would we accept such Laxmans today? I don't think.

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