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    What are your observations about CNG vehicles?

    People say that there are many benefits associated with using a CNG-driven vehicle. Some of such benefits are as follows -

    1. Cost-wise, CNG is cheaper than petrol or diesel.
    2. CNG is an environmentally friendly fuel that is much better for the environment than that of gasoline or diesel.
    3. CNG being a cleaner fuel, engines don't get carbon build up.
    4. CNG has an octane of 130, increasing engine compression and overall performance. Engines last much longer if running on CNG.

    What are your observations about CNG vehicles? Are you using CNG as fuel in your kitchen or as fuel for your car?
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    CNG stands for "compressed natural gas". It is a mixture of hydrocarbons consisting mostly of methane. Commonly known as Green fuel, it reduces harmful emissions and is helpful in reducing the effect of global warming. It is cheaper, environment-friendly, t mixes with air easily increase the life of the oil, and importantly safe and reliable.

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    These are my close observations of CNG vehicles. No doubt CNG is supposed to be cheaper and that is the reason the state transport buses are being operated for the long distance with Air conditioned facilities. Surely there is no emission and zero smoke, the vehicles are environment friendly for sure. What I understand that the cost of operating the CNG vehicle is much cheaper and even the mileage is also good and that is the reason the TSRTC is operating buses towards airport with these buses. It is also felt that the load capacity to pull is also good when compared to petrol or diesel hauled engines and in the gradient there are no chance of emitting any smoke due to weight or steep height. But CNG stations are very less and that is the only draw back which forcing the people to go slow on purchase of vehicles fitted with this options.
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    CNG is a good alternative fuel in place of Petrol or Diesel, Even though the cost of CNG is also increasing, it will be cheaper when compared to petrol and diesel. Many autos and cabs these days are using CNG as the fuel is less costly. But the number of stations for filling the gas are less and there will be gib lines in filling stations of CNG. There we are losing time.
    Another problem is CNG cylinder may occupy more place and the area available to you for your luggage may be less. Some Cab drivers may have an additional cylinder also with them when they go for long-distance travel. So the passengers travelling may have less space to keep their luggage.
    CNG-driven vehicles are available for hire but the charges are the same as that of diesel vehicles and no benefit of cost is passed on to the passengers.

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    When CNG was introduced as a fuel in the market then there was a very good demand for it. The main reasons were its low price and cleaner operations. There were some difficulties like less number of filling stations but otherwise it was preferred by many vehicle owners and they even modified their vehicle systems and made it compatible to CNG.
    When the petroleum prices started to climb then naturally prices of CNG also followed the suit and the initial excitement for going for CNG subsided to some extent. Still as there is a difference between the prices of these two types of fuels, many people are going for CNG vehicles.

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