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    For today's people money is more important than job satisfaction

    No doubt, money is an essential thing for us. Without It, we can't survive on this earth. But It is also very important what kind of work we are doing in life. Many people in our society are such who are doing different jobs irrespective of qualifications. That means they have no idea of the work field but they are doing. For example, In our colony, many ladies have joined kindergarten school. When I asked about their qualification they told me high qualifications like Mtech and MCA. Anyhow, these degrees are not acceptable for kindergarten children. Their motto is to earn money only. They are not satisfied with the job because there is no use for their degree. So, it doesn't matter what is their job. Money is an important thing for them. In modern life, it is undeniable that people can live normally without job satisfaction, but they cannot survive without money. It is true that satisfaction is worthless and if you are not earning well then you can't be satisfied. On the other hand, sometimes a good salary also gives job satisfaction. Dear member, please share you.
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    I do agree with the author that some people are under employed instead of being unemployed as there is no connection between the qualification what they studied and the work what they do. Some are more money minded and does accept what ever jobs comes to the hand. During the pandemic people grabbed what ever job was offered irrespective of the qualification and later fumed that they are not fit for particular job and thus resigned. Some have joined the jobs not for the money but the place was work was nearer to them. But I am totally against those being appointed as the teacher for the Kindergarten section as the techies would not have the idea of children behavior and they does not have the patience to deal with young kids and therefore they invariably fail in their duties in spite of the fact that they may be offered good salaries.
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    Earning money and having job satisfaction both are very important things in one's life. Earning is required for the livelihood of a person and his family while job satisfaction is required for a satisfied career life. Some people are very money minded and join any job if earnings are good. They are in fact not interested in that job type but but have joined it because they want to earn more and more money. It is also seen that such people do their job halfheartedly as their mind is always towards earning money and they are not focussed to the objectives of their job. Many times the management finds this truth about them and it is seen that they are sometimes shunted out of the organisation. If a person is satisfied in his job then he will do it very meticulously and with interest and will progress in that career line in a very significant way.
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    If I go with the titile, I would not be agree with the author views. Instead it should be edited with "for some people today money is more important...".

    Not everyone but yes for some people like you have mentioned in the thread. While having such heavy degrees they are into such work which may fetch them more money. Private classes and kindergarten schools are the places which has a better chance to earn money. Apart from that some people even work in that field which is not favourite to them but because they have no other options. However, in my circle I have always seen people working in the field they actully get satisfied to do.

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    A candidate having M. Tech or M C A qualification can earn higher amounts if they get a suitable job as per their qualification. Unfortunately, there are no jobs and unemployment problems are there. That is making the candidates settle in unrelated jobs even for less salaries. Generally, a teacher working in a private school may not get a salary equivalent to the salary of an M Tech candidate suitably employed. So when there is no other alternative, candidates may join in these jobs. If they think about job satisfaction, they may not have money for their essential needs also. That may be making them get into these jobs I feel. When there is a scarcity whatever is available will be taken. If people are well off and there is no problem with their living, they need not opt for small posts. But if their earnings are very important for their living, there is no way other than joining such jobs for them
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    In those days service was considered as important, many worked in companies, organizations, without minding salary by comparing others or other concerns. Public also honoured the people rendered more number of years service. But nowadays once joined in an organization, they compare the salary offered in other organization and at the initial stage itself they keep their mind in leaving the job and thereby their concentration in job also diminished. It is seen many aspirants shift to another job even within a year of service.

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    It is a mixed bag. Many people nowadays have strong choices for selecting a job. This is vastly different from the job seekers of earlier generations. Those were the times when job was scarce to come, unemployment was more; an average family faced financial difficulties and so people got into whatever job they got first and whatever job that paid them.

    But now, an average family is much more stable and comfortable financially. Students are educated in varied courses, they are aware of the job market and what job can be suited to their liking and which job can fetch them more compensation and give career growth.
    The job market has changed to a stage where the candidates can choose a job they need and like. The demand-supply in this regard is well-balanced now and in certain sectors, more tilted towards the jobseeker's' favour. The candidates are not under any compulsion to take up a job just for the sake of income. Now they can 'demand' and negotiate the salary and perks and dictate their own terms. .

    Not just that, the ratee of attrition- employees jumping jobs- is also more prevalent now. Earlier it was like 'one job, one shoe, one house..' etc. People used to join a good job and stock there till retirement. Now neither the employer, nor the employees has such a loyal long term attachment.

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    A degree is different than a qualification. For getting degrees, people pay fees but for earning money they have to deliver results irrespective of their degrees. Due to deterioration in the quality of education in a few institutions, the degree holder people fail to deliver results and therefore remain unemployed or underemployed. Under such circumstances people join any position available to them to earn money to sustain and survive. They don't realise that they are getting degrees only because they are paying fees for it.
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