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    Editors please check I found word to word copied answer in Ask Expert section

    I was just going through the "Ask Expert" section to find the kind of question which I can answer. This is where I found a question about singer Honey Singh. The 6th answer is exactly word to word copied from the 5th answer. More importantly, the copied one got better points and CC. Yes, the 5th answer was posted in 2014, and the very next answer was posted after a month. Because of the date, the concerned editor might have overlooked to check.
    So, editors please check the post and correct it. I am providing the link mentioned below.

    copied post
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    True. Just now I visited that and the author is correct. Answer 5 is a copy and paste of answer 4. But CC for the 4th answer is 1 but two for answer 5.
    Generally. the Editors will check such flaws and take necessary actions. But how they missed it is not known. Of course. to err is human.

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    Generally copied contents are caught easily and editors would warn or deduct the points earned by the member. We had seen it happening in the past many times. It is quite possible that some stray events like this escaped the notice of the editor. It is good that this is pointed out now and once it is seen by all of us everyone would be careful in this respect in future.
    There are apps which can be used to detect the copied contents. But they would be comparing with other pages and not with the page itself. So using an app for it might yield such results.

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    Thank you for the intimation, Jeets. The needful has been done.

    For the information of all, such errors may occur because the editors reviewing the submissions may be different and the possibility of oversight cannot be overruled. However, corrections are always made as and when we do a recheck. Anyways, thanks to our alert members who bring such anomalies to our notice.

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