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    Why do people in India hesitate or feel shy to say 'I love you '?

    We, Indians, are proud of our culture. We believe love and affection are private affairs and should not be expressed publically. But, even in the presence of family members within the confine of home, people hesitate to pronounce the sentence - 'I love you. '

    Nowadays, the situation is changing due to exposure to the world through internet resources and media, and the younger generation s have started expressing their sentiments. However, in the past, barring a few exceptions, society did not consider it acceptable to openly say 'I love you ' even to
    close family members.

    What are your observations in this regard? Do you find it appropriate to express our feelings about loving our close family members openly?
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    Though I love you is the general expression for many who are connected to social behavior and sharing in social media, but Indian families are averse to these three words which is hated and not liked by the elders. Most of the Indian families are hand holding their children up to the age of marriage and being the arranged marriage from the parents, the children are also behaving in constraint manner and sulking inside and not opening up. Love life can be for anyone but they must have guts to say before all and also convince all. Especially in a gathering if someone says I love you, then everybody would stop their discussions and look at the person with question mark and unnecessary gossips would start to next level. So to avoid this, the people tend to behave within their frame work and I love you is certainly mentioned through social media posts.
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    I don't find anything wrong in telling ' I love you. A mother will love her son. A father will love his daughter. A brother will love his brother and sister. Similarly. a sister will love her brother and sister. A wife will love her husband. But many people think love is between lovers only. But that is wrong. So expressing our love to others suitably will be normal and we need not hesitate for the same.
    But as mentioned by the author and other members, many people hesitate to use this sentence publicly. In many areas in our country, people avoid using the word love and they use the word like. But slowly the trend is changing and people are getting out of that thinking. Now all people use the word love in the wrong places also. People started expressing their love not only by words but also by actions also. Now western culture is growing in the youth of this day and nobody bothers about words and actions.

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    Though the term 'love' denotes some kind of affection which is common between people irrespective of gender, the term have been used only for young boy and girl relationship whether legal or illegal which leads to a marriage or suicide. The main culprit for this is cinemas in those days and television serials present. Further more if one boy speaks with a girl it termed as love as depicted and the same has been come into vogue. The main infatuation is developed into love and ended with suicide if the either party do not agree for the subsequent life. So that the parents and elders controls the children not to use the word 'love' in their regular usage and it is considered as a bad word.

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    It is not like Indian people do not show love or affection in the family by saying "I love you" but in different ways. Saying I love you to family members looked awkward a few years back. Also, it is easier to say such words to show love to long-distance relations compare to our own family members or parents. However, it is not anymore now. Since it is the English word, we might not feel comfortable saying it within the family a few years back. But things have changed now, it become normal today to say "I love you" to a daughter, son, or say wife, or anyone to whom we want to show affection or love. It has been made easier since messaging apps have come into our life through mobile phones. We can now easily show our affection and love through messaging apps to our families and friends.

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    If we go into the historical meaning of this phrase 'I love you' then it was primarily used by the people wooing each other and was considered the final phrase to be uttered before finalising the proposal for marriage. At that time many people avoided it using with family members and relatives, especially in developing countries. In the western world, the taboo of using this phrase was broken much earlier than in our country and we are still struggling to use it in a common and informal way with family members, friends, and relatives. Some modern families in our country use it often within a close group without any inhibition. At the same time in some families, it is still considered something not to be uttered so commonly.
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