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    Why do religions that teach love cause so many differences in our society?

    You name it and you will find that every religion in this world teaches one lesson "love". It teaches us to respect others, do all good work, and not harm others. I might not have written it in the exact words which are written in these religions' holy books but the basics are the same. However, when we look at today's situation, things look just the opposite. We all are adamantly forcing others that we are the best. While doing so, we do not even care to throw unpleasant words which may hurt other sentiments. It is not only happening in our own country but worldwide. One issue, and entire media and political leaders worldwide start trying the matter looking with a magnifying glass. They just try to find one mistake so that they can start creating differences between us. Who are these people? Why do they create such kinds of situations where we start looking at each other with hatred feeling than love. Unfortunately, we do not have the answer to it and even if we have we do not try to understand it.
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    All the religions teach us the same thing. Every religion is good in its basic framework. Now the natural question is then what is the bad that creates rift and fight between the two religions. The answer is very simple that there are some vested interests who do not want that different people from different religions stay close to each other in a friendly way. These are the people who make money through illegal ways and then provoke people against each other citing some religious issue. The gullible and innocent are trapped in their teachings and become impressed by their ways and are ready to kill a person if that is demanded from the said high command. Today these things are happening all over the world in a rampant way. There are some religious leaders who are providing targeted killings and are also encouraging terrorist activities across the borders between the various countries.
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    Originally, religion was conceived as a code of conduct for ordinary people. However, when people started believing and following the preachings without applying their minds, it became addictive. Only learned and evolved minds can understand the finer points of religious teachings. However, the clever people in society started misusing religion for their benefit. People like Asaram Bapu and Baba Ram Rahim had different plans of using religion with ulterior motives.

    Religion preaches and furthers love only. But, the intermediaries misguide the innocent people to resort to violence and crime in the name of religion. Religion once became a superpower to control even the kings and monarchs. Back home, India was divided based on religion to serve the agenda of a few power-hungry people with ambitions of becoming the Prime Ministers.

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    Jeets, I can't agree. Some religions don't teach love among human beings. These religions teach that their god is superior to other gods and all other people must accept their god and their messenger only. This attitude causes divide among human beings, whose manifestation can be seen in different unfortunate incidents, like what we witnessed in Udaipur yesterday.
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    Good thread from the author. Unfortunately there is no soothsayer in our society and everybody is ready to escalate the tension and violence to which common man is no more interested. There is a silent urge among the religions to race for the supremacy in count of population and that makes them degrade and attack other religion through various means and thus sentiments are touched at the low ebb which raises the blood pressure of wrong doers to create commotion and violence even without sought far. But what is more surprising that every religion clergy gives sermons to maintain peace and harmony but that good words does not enter the person because he never goes for pray nor have the faith on the clergies. So there has been systematic move to degrade India because we always boasted of living with all religions peacefully.
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    One thing is true that all religions try to teach good to the people. No religion will teach arrogance or violence. It will teach love and affection at least towards the fellows of the same religion. But that teaching is not getting into the minds of the people.
    Each religion will tell the people about the way they have to live. But these days people have no faith even in their religion. Many people want money and power. So they never care for anything else. How many young people these days talk about religion? A few only.
    These days people have no respect for others and they think that they know everything and never mind their words. That is creating unnecessary disputes among the people. There is no consideration for the problems of others.
    Religion is used as a tool by some in society for their benefit and in this process, some innocent people are getting affected and suffer a lot.

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    Agreed with you Partha partially, it is not the religion but those people who have changed the meaning of that particular religion. Also, those political party who do not take strong action because they may lose some important votes. This appesement ternd is more harming in this country. However, those so called secular and democratic people are not seen after this incident, not even a comment. Had it been done just opposite, they would run like vultures to eat us. Surprise to see people change their stand as per their like and convinience.

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