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    When the luck destined to bring fortunes none can stop or prevent

    The greatness of this life is the luck factor to which many would not give credence and argue that hard work alone would get the fortune. It has been proved time and again that if the luck favors a person, the fortunes cannot be stopped by anyone nor it can be prevented. Sometimes the patience and the past deeds of a person would play a great role to grab the luck under the nose from others who were either too were talked about being lucky and the sudden shift of fortunes not only baffle the self and but also the others. That is the take of this great life.
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    There are so many factors in our lives that we cannot predict our future with certainty. That is why life is treated as a mystery about which we come to know only in the coming times. Every individual will have a different life pattern due to the various circumstances and situations in his life. Every day in life comes with new challenges and we have to mitigate them with our capability and ability but the results will always not be as we expect. So we have to work continuously but some results will be in line with our work and thought process while some will result in things that we never imagined and there comes the luck factor. When we cannot understand the relation between our efforts and the outcomes then there is nothing else which can be thought to explain it and that is called destiny. This entity called destiny is so important in our lives that many scholars have written long treatises on it but still could not explain it in a satisfying manner. Some people get more fortune with fewer efforts while some remain poor throughout their lives instead of doing hard work. Destiny has a role to play.
    Knowledge is power.

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    As a matter of fact even after our hard work and all-out efforts we may not attain the desired results. But sometimes even though we may not put our sincere efforts we will get good recognition and we will be on top. These things happen in the lives of many people. That is luck or destiny, whatever you call it, that will play an important role in our lives and nobody can deny this.
    Many times we plan the activity and follow the same plan so that we can complete the task as desired. But in between somewhere we will get stuck and we may not be able to progress. Here again, we may have to change our plan of action or take the advice of somebody to move forward and finally, we will be delayed in completing the task.
    sometimes. we will not plan the activity and attempt the same at the last minute. We will not have any time to consult also. But we will complete the world successfully. This is nothing but luck only.
    But we can't leave everything without putting in our efforts, thinking that luck will favour us.

    always confident

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    Whether one believes it or not, lucks does matter in our life. If not, how a person who does all the hard work but could not get success and a person who gets it without much hard work. I am not saying that everything depends on our luck but yes the three inches in our forehead, do matter a lot. Behind the success, you definitely need dedication, passion, and hard work but for that, luck needs to open the door for it. Once you are in, it is all your hard work and decisions in life that give you the way to progress. There are many incidents, where we can see people who are almost gone, with just one chance or luck, reach the highest level. If I immediately remember, my mind goes to M.S.Dhoni the former captain of India. He did all his hard work but never get a chance to play in state-level or regional-level matches. When he gets a chance at the India-A level, where he performed well and got selected for the Indian team. However, given chance in 2 series, he never looked great in his performance. Although, his potential and skill never were doubted. Had the captain Ganguly not given him the chance at top of the order and had he would not make his maiden century in the same game, he might have been thrown out from the playing eleven of the Indian team and might not brought back again. What happened after that in his life is a history.

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