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    Is the rising crime rate in our society a sign of social degradation?

    A section of today's youth is hesitant today. Involved in the world of the crime of teenagers, addicted to drugs is a terrible danger to the nation. They have become addicted to staring at the mobile screen day and night. Instead of learning to value, they are involved in criminal activities such as subversive drugs, pornography, crime gangs through social media, etc., which is upsetting the balance of social order. Such negative use of technology is making a teenager a cruel criminal instead of an asset. Social crime is increasing day by day. But has the decline of our society begun? What is the way to get rid of it? Share your thoughts.
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    I can agree with the author and his concern. It I true that crime rates are raising day by day and it is always a dangerous sign for society. The root problem starts with the family. It is the responsibility of the parents, how they bring up their kids. If the home atmosphere is bad, it directly affects teenage, youth, or kids. We know it is hard to keep eye on our kids 24/7, but at least we can monitor them from time to time. We should know where they go, and how their friends circle. Especially with the boys, the parents must be strict enough to control their timing of coming home.
    The problem is population also, especially in that house where 4-6 kids are at home, it will never be easy to bring them up properly or keep an eye on them. Less education and no goal in life made such kids go to the wrong hand. This is where the main problem starts. If the parent starts taking action from an early age of the kid and keeps guiding them from time to time, this problem can be minimized.

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    That is true. The youth is getting into the trap by using gadgets and spending more time on social media. They are seeing movies and trying those ticks in the real world. They are getting attracted to evils more than good. All these put together make society a bad place to live on.
    Many times we discussed the role of parents in bringing up their children in a proper way. The mindset of the parents should change. They should give importance to teaching values and virtues more than earning money to give it to their children. One the parents should have full focus on their children and see that they will be always on the right path.
    Living in combined families is another remedy for this. The grandparents can use their time to teach their grandparents the importance of values in life. They can see that the children will travel on the right path only. Otherwise, the present trend will continue and we may see more and more crimes in society.

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    It is not that the crimes were not happening in earlier times. They were happening albeit in fewer numbers but their intensity was the same as today's crimes. So the historical perspective on crimes and their reasons is the same as it is today. The increased numbers can be attributed to the increased population and unemployment conditions. Some crimes have increased because of terrorist and mafia activities linked with drug cartels. So some of the modern crimes are due to the emergence of terrorist groups and hard-core religious and other organisations. Atrocities on children and women were prevalent in earlier times and the same is continuing today also. From this outlook, it precipitates that until we remove the root causes of the criminal acts nothing can be done to avoid or eradicate them from our surroundings.
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    The frequent development in technology and easy access to it has become a bane to society that harms young adults.
    Today's teens are very much interested in learning the new features of technology and in the process use their laptops and mobile phones excessively. This habit leads them to some websites that they are not supposed to watch at all. Some teenagers are trapped by criminals who brainwash them and make them use drugs and indulge them in criminal activities. I would say it is high time that teenagers are properly counseled by their parents and in school so that they are aware of the criminals who operate on the internet and do not fall prey to them.

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