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    Umbrella buying tips - how do you select one?

    There is an ongoing discussion on how we tend to forget umbrellas at various places. What about purchasing them? Do you look for specific aspects before selecting one to buy?

    There are many things to consider like-
    Print or plain?
    Handle shape (hooked one?)
    Fabric thickness
    Weight (don't want too heavy?)
    Push-button or manual?
    Two-fold, three-fold, or no fold?
    Overall size (extremely large span?)

    What else do you consider?
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    I will go for a sturdy umbrella which will not fly off easily when we hold it in heavy rain with wind. The author has given all the various parameters that are required to be considered before we go for the purchase. I will keep the cost of the time also in mind.
    Generally, ladies go for printed umbrellas but my preference is black colour plain cloth. Another observation I made is manually operated umbrellas are more durable but push-button require very careful handling, I think.
    We tend to forget these umbrellas when we are not habituated to carrying them daily. So it is better to go for economical models rather than very advanced models that will cost more.

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    Umbrella is necessary when the rainy season comes. If I go to buy an umbrella, I would like to buy a two-folding umbrella and in plain color especially black. The reason is I like a small umbrella that can fit inside my bag and I don't need to carry it with one hand. Another important point is, since you keep it in the bag, you can't forget it and carry it back where ever you go. The only problem is with a small umbrella, that it can save you with small rain but not heavy rain. You can't come out with a small umbrella if there is heavy rain. Especially, if you are living in a city like Mumbai, you must have a long handle umbrella that can be used as a stick when roads get flooded. Actually, during heavy rain and water logging, the road's manholes get open so that water can come down. In this situation, you never know where the manholes due to water it is not visible. In such cases, long handle umbrella is life-saving.
    So, before we buy an umbrella, we should know how this can help us and accordingly we can buy. More than its color and size, how useful it can be, that we need to look after.

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    Like humans, umbrellas also are not immortals. They have a limited lifespan because they are bound to get lost one day. Therefore, going for the best quality umbrellas is not advisable as they will be pricey. Similarly, the cheapest variety will give more pain than comfort.

    In Mumbai, I used to buy black color, folding (two-fold) umbrellas with push buttons because they were convenient to put in the office briefcase when dry. However, nowadays, after retirement, we seldom go out in the rain though we still keep an umbrella in the car.

    Umbrellas for protection from sun rays are different. Generally, more women use umbrellas for protection from sun rays than men.

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    The rainy season has started and we need an umbrella to protect ourselves from the rain. There are a plethora of designs of umbrellas available in the market and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one. Earlier I had long and robust umbrellas but they are now out of fashion and very rarely do people use them. Those types survived for many years and were a pride possession for many of us. The present-day umbrellas are in various ranges starting from merely Rs 80 but the problem is they are very lightweight and delicate and even with a light jolt of wind get deformed easily creating inconvenience for the user. So I prefer a small-sized umbrella having a thick cloth or thick synthetic material which makes it in medium weight category and can be taken with us by carrying in a bag easily.
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    I forgot about the cost factor! It does make sense not to buy too expensive an umbrella because when there are very strong winds the umbrella tends to upturn and the fabric gets holes quickly under the onslaught of lashing rain. On quite a few occasions what I have done is that if the frame with the rods is still in good condition and not broken or rusted, I get just the fabric changed rather than buying an altogether new umbrella. It worked out to be less expensive.

    I wonder why many men prefer only black umbrellas. They don't go for floral or other designs perhaps because they consider it "girlish" but why only black? There are some nice shades of blue and red as well, and in fact, some umbrellas do have checked and stripe designs.

    In terms of weight, I do prefer a lightweight one in summer but find the one that is a little heavier than that one more suitable for the rains. Another aspect that I consider is the closing feature, the part that you have to slide down the center rod to shut the umbrella. While you may find it easy to open an umbrella either the push-button type or the manual one, don't you often find it a kind of tug-of-war trying to shut it?!

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    Apart from the cost factor, we have to ensure the sturdiness of the umbrella so that during the operation process, it might withstand the load of turbulent wind speed without getting the same out of control. If the arrangement of both the colours and the frame of the umbrella is sturdy enough to withstand the velocity of the rain and air, it should work fine. In the departmental stores, the prices could be somewhat higher having no scope for bargaining but the prices could be negotiated with the small stalls selling their pieces depending upon the customers temperaments. Sometimes, the price quoted by the sellers are illogical but the same can be managed with our negotiating abilities.

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